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Cult Screenings

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One of the crew members  behind the Fright Night and RoboCop and Leviathon documentary on the show tonight
Then some music from Fright Night and RoboCop

Check out my review of their action figure which we talk about in the interview and came in the mail yesterday


Neon Genesis Evangelion

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At my local Bestbuy I learned Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.33 had been released on blu ray and I had to obtain the next chapter in the enhanced anime series. First though  I thought I share with you a memory flash back.

I was going thru my local flea market in Charlton MA back in 2004 and on a table were the first 6 vol of an anime show I had only seen commercials for and heard very little about. I decided to take a chance after several conversations with other anime fans who told me I was missing out.
I snatched up all 6 after making a deal with the vendor, and it exposed me to the most adult giant robot show of all time. I hunted down the other remaining vol to finish the show. I never got into the manga in which its based on.

3 young pilots living in post apocalyptic  Japan pilot  giant robots called Eva to defend their country against  demonic looking creatures with so much mystery  and intriguing  plot points you can see why it’s such a beloved show. The main character Shinji  lives in this harem style plot line in his apartment where he is the only male living with three gorgeous woman two teenage girls snd his handler. All the while his father is the head of the Eva program and is as much a  father figure as Darth Vader was.

The reason I bring it up on Radio of Horror is its the darkest anime sci fi show I have ever watched. Yes there is horror shows and Demon rape shows like hentai. But look at the over all flowing stpry narative of this one snd really get a sence of a foreboding snd Sinister plot.

Now recently the show has been released in these movie formats sets called 1.11 2.22 and 3.33. They condense the shows bigger plot points into movies that might be easier for the average viewer to handel.
This is enhanced by superior  animation and graphic touch up with CGI  being used to enhance the special effects.

3.33 You can not redo Is the newest Editon out now and if you never watched the show or were very confused by it’s story telling I recommend this set.

Star Wars Friday

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Tonight at midnight at Targets Walmart Toys R Us and more STAR WARS EPISODE 7  THE FORCE AWAKENS stufffffff……. ( whatever you can think of) will go on sale.
I will be in Framingham  MA tonight at 10 pm doing interviews with fellow Star Wars fans about the upcoming  movie.

The book Shattered Empire comes out soon as well detailing  the day after the Return of the Jedi.
Check out the link below for more details on what each store is offering to Star Wars fans.


Artists and Film Critics

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Tonight on the show we have Curtis M.Lawson a Horror Author with his own Horror comics as well. We will also have author and film critic Dan Kimmel on to talk about the Summer movie line up.
AND SOPHIE KELLER will be starting as the new co-host for Radio of Horror tonight. Also Sophie and I just sat down and watched Terminator 1 and 2 to get read for the new Terminator coming out soon. We will have music from those films to play and be talking about the films.

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Rest In Peace

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Only 13 days into 2015 and we had a few deaths in the genre of Sci-fi and Horror

Actor Rod Taylor
FAREWELL, TIME TRAVELER: Rod Taylor has left this world for good, at 84. He was one of my favorite actors during the ’60s… the HONG KONG TV series, THE TIME MACHINE, THE BIRDS, WORLD WITHOUT END on Million Dollar Movie… what a wonderful performer and engaging screen personality. Thanks for making my childhood that much brighter, Rod.

Screen Wrtiter Brian Clemens
The man who made stars of Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman and Joanna Lumley has died aged 83.
Screenwriter Brian Clemens, who created shows including The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals, died in a London hospital on Saturday, his son George said. He also wrote Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter
Clemens started his working life in advertising before breaking into the film and TV industry, writing scripts for low-budget thrillers.


Designer Robert Kinoshita,
whose robot designs have become American pop culture icons, passed away on Dec. 9. He was 100.

The title character in “Tobor the Great” (1954) was created by Robert Kinoshita.
As a designer draftsman for MGM, Kinoshita created the B9 robot made famous in the 1960s TV series “Lost in Space,” and Robby the Robot, who first appeared in the science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” in 1956.