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New Films from Scream factory, and Anchor Bay

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Recently received in the mail today The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse the animated film.. This is based on the comic book by Dynamaite Comics. A self aware zombie comes back to save his son from demons.




Directed by Tobe Hooper Its space Vampire essentially and actually a pretty good film. NASA finds a ship in space with these energy sucking space Vampires. Matilda May is gorgeous in the movie, she is naked 100 of her screen time and looks fantastic. Patrick Stuart makes a cameo as well. Its part of Shout Factory’s Scream Factory collection and loaded with bonus material. Jammed packed.


Richard Matheson RIP

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ImageThis week we lost one of the greatest writers of all time, he wrtoe the great Vampire novel I am Legend in 1954 which was adapted into three movies. HE also wrote What Dreams may come the box and several short stoires which have been made into tv episodes of the Twiligth Zone. Matheson was 87 years old.


Marvel Horror Comics

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Marvel puts out some great books based on their Horror tiltes, Werewold by Night, The Living Zombie, Godzilla, ( yup Marvel owned Godzilla comic rights for a little while) Tomb of Dracula, Monster of Frankenstein, Marvel Horror( which covers Son of Satan, Satana, Brother Voodoo Living Mummy and many other obscure characters), Ghost Rider, and Vampire tales ( which covers 70s stories of Blade the Vampire Hunter, Morbius The Living Vampire and Lilith Daughter of Dracula.)


Read em they are a great bunch of Horror stories.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

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Tonight on the show the creator of Todd and the Book of Pure evil, they talk about the show being cancelled and the upcoming Animated movie The End of The End


The Exorcist Revisited!

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Check out my friends Skip views on this great film celebrating 40 years.


It was 40 years ago today that William Friedken’s “The Exorcist” premiered.
The original 1973 production was bay far the best. Years later with deleted scenes added it made the possession of Regan seem less random. But it was the notion that is was so random that it could be any of us that made it so frightening.

This would make a terrific double feature with Fulci’s “Don’t Torture a Duckling”
There seems to be a theme with movies about the Catholic Church, children and evil…

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Scream Queens

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On the show tonight we have the lovely and sexy Jessica Cameron on the show with us as well as the sexy and talented Andie Noir. Both lovely ladies are talented indie scream queens in Horror movies today. Andie will be calling in at 1215am est and we will play Jessica’s interview at 1250am est. Then we will re-brodcast the Horror Hallowed Ground’s Sean Clark Interview tonight at 130am.


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Bates Motel

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Here is my review of the entire first season of Bates Motel