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Directors and Composers

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Tonight on the show we have Director Adam Marcus back on to talk about his movie Secret Santa and an Update on the Jason Goes to Hell Documentary THEN after having to post pone it from last week cuz of a deleted file we have Composer Jason Graves from the Dead Space Video games The Dark Pictures: Little Hope  Magnum PI (current) and the Current Tomb Raider franchise. Music tonight will be from his amazing body of Work thru out the evening.

Final Destinations and Xmas

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Tonight on the show writer Jeffrey Reddick joins me to talk abotu a new movie that came out this year Don’t Look Back then we have the music from Gremlins to kick off the holiday season as well as a new song from Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl

Wayward Raven Media

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Tonight on the show we have Alex and MArk from Wayward Raven Media on with us to talk about their company and what comics are coming out and what we should be interested in. Music tonight kicks off the Holiday season with The Nightmare before Christmas and a variety of Xmas music.


The Toys that collect us

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all tonight on the show we talk about TOYS and how great Toys are we have Ken a local toy collector we can all relate too with an amazing collection of great toys.

We also have the music from Diehard tonight. As it is our tradition for the Holiday.

The Real Ghostbusters

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Tonight on the show, we have my Supernatural co-Host Mel Heflin and her friend Brandon an actual Ghost Hunter/Buster/Investigator. This is also the Christmas episode of the show. We discuss the events of the Supernatural episode from season 5.

We talk about the Episode of The Real Ghostbusters and the Cartoon for a bit.

Music from this will be from the Ghostbusters toon and from the movie GRemlins


Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all tuning in to tonight’s show. We will be playing the music from the Bob Rivers Christmas and  Nightmare Before Christmas before and after our guest, Rhode Island’s own Chuckles the Clown is back on the show with us. I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys their Holiday tomorrow.


Make Up Artists and Holidays

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Tonight on the show we have Make Up artist Brooke Jacqueline on the show with me talking about her awesome work and what she does with makeup and special effects. We met at the Terror Con in RI this past February and I’m so happy to have her on the show with me tonight. Music tonight will kick off the Holiday season with DIE HARD OH YEAH. ITS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE……and an awesome one to boot…We will be saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and soon Happy Chanukah  on air cuz YEAH that’s how we do the Holidays

Hellboy vs Krampus 

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I cant wait for this to come out this holiday season.

Im ordering the Mignola cover 

Check out @DarkHorseComics’s Tweet:

Jess-O-Lantern and He-Man

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Tonight on the show on CHRISTMAS NIGHT my co-host steps back for a couple weeks as I fly solo and she acts as a guest on the show. We discuss WHO Jess-O-Lantern is. THEN Danielle steps out of her Penny Dreadful out and into editor for many of the Dark Horse Masters of the Universe book Dark Horse has been putting out.



Christmas Horror

Posted in Christmas, horror, Monsters, movies on December 18, 2016 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show Jess-O-Lantern and I discuss XMAS Horror movies and other awesome non traditional Holiday films and we record her interview which will be played next week. Music tonight will be from DIE HARD

Bella Vendetta Returns

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Tonight on the show we debut Jess o Lantern our new co-host. Well be talking Horror and what Christmas movies we should watch but not only that but we talk with Mistress Bella Vendetta about the Top 10 Horror Songs to Strip too, The SONGS Not to strip too and Christmas songs to strip too,


Merry Krampus Review part 1

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In honor of the preview episode of Supernatural Creatures and LORE We will be covering A Very Supernatural Christmas. Talking about Krampus and Winter Pagan God’s. You can check it out here once the page is completed  I am going to once a week review one of the 4 Krampus films a week. Yes can you belive there are 4 of these fuckers. Fuck that shit…..but I digress. 


A direct to dvd film by Ben Conway which is more Lifetime movie of the week than Evil Santa Claus flick. 

The movie opens with a mean couple who yells at their kids goes to bed fucks showers and smokes then Krampus kills them after being summoned by the mothers daughter. Then it becomes this little orphan summoner movie with police procedure and no Krampus. Krampus it self is so laughable and the film never looks like it’s taking place at Christmas unlike the he 2015 film KRAMPUS which was so full of Xmas cheer it was amazing how they mixed the Horror with the holidays. The daughter uses Krampus like pumpkinhead. Or since it’s the Holidays like a Jew would use a Golem.  

Written with his brother Owen Conway the script seems like it was another film and not a horror movie. The film is trying to make us sympathetic to Krampus carnage but not actually showing us the damn monter. Except in CGI and looking like something from a PS2 video game. 

Pass on this one and come back next week for another Krampus review. 

Horror and Christmas Mayhem

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Tonight on the show we have  from Party Monsters which just finished their kick starter we have Adult film and Horror nut job Die-Ann Prince on the show. We also have Ward Crockett Writer/Director of There Is No Door.



We will be playing the music from Star Wars ( I will also be going over my review and spoilers of Ep7) and some Xmas music thru out the night between interviews.


Christmas Movies: GREMLINS

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Staring Zack Galigan, former guest of my show and Phoebe  Cates. Howie Mandel and Frank Welker (Megatron from Transformers, Doctpr Claw from Inspector Gadget,and several hundred other voices) provide the voices for Gizmo and several other Gremlins.
Recently released in a magnet sealed case for its 30th Anniversary  last year with all new bonus material, it’s a great film to check out or watch again.


The sequel  Gremlins 2 the new batch is also on blu ray and kicks ass.


Adam Green and Joe Lynch did a great fan commentary  with Zack last year for Christmas, you can check out the link here

The Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Tonight on the show we have Trace Beauliau on the show from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Cinematic Titanic. I’ll be joined in the studio by some friends of the show to talk with Trace about his new project with Frank Contiff  and the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We will also begin our annual Holiday music from the Films Diehard and The Nightmare before Christmas. I will also discuss the new Christmas Horror movie KRAMPUS.



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Ah it’s Christmas  time, that time of year when you say Merry Christmas  to someone they say FUCK YOU. Or they tell you how offensive Christmas is to them. It’s also a good time for a Christmas  Horror movie and this year we have Krampus, Directed by Michael  Dougherty from Trick r TreAt. This movie comes out this Friday Dec 4th (Dec 5th begins the annual Krampus celebration in Pagan cultures) . I can’t wait the trailer looks great and we have needed a great Christmas Horror movie. When was the last time we had a great Horror Holiday movie, Season 3 of Supernatural , A Supernatural  Christmas Special that’s when. A boy makes a wish and summons the demon who comes on Christmas eve to terrorize and abduct the naughty  family members.

Krampus is basically anti Santa Klaus a very unknown creature in German Pagan lore. He would kidnap bad children and beat them with branches across their butts. Krampus has been around since before there was Christianity according to some scholars. It was around the 17th century that he was recognized as much as Santa Claus. It was in the 21st century  that popular  culture  made him famous.

Now only in the last 10 years has Krampus risen to fame. I can’t remember  seeing anything about this creature in any form before now. Jim Balent’s Tarot Witch of the Black Rose has fought the creature on three occasions the most recent being last week in issue # 95. Even bringing  in a female Krampus.


There is also a Krampus comic book tie in to the movie which came out last week, Krampus the Dark Spirit of Christmas.  He’s become so popular  I’m surprised Marvel and DC have not had him fight Doctor Strange or John Constantine yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of  time before they do. In Christmas Horror Story Krampus shows up, there is a movie coming soon Santa vs Krampus. The guy is getting around. on Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc he showed up to terrorize  bad children but of cource that was a crook in a costume. RL Stein’s The Haunting Hour tv show also had a Krampus. I really wish the Real Ghostbusters back in the 80s had one as well.

I think it was American Dad who first introduced  me to the idea of the creature. Steve is kidnapped in Christmas eve by the creature.  I honestly can’t say I remember  hearing about him before American Dad or Supernatural. A neat idea that will get so over used we will be sick of seeing him on the big and small screen. Let’s hope there are more evil Christmas monsters we can use for the future. At the very least I never want to see a Krampus found footage movie.


Happy New Year with over 40,00 visitors and counting

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We at Radio of Horror would like to thank every one we has joined our blog we now have 306 subscribers and over 40,000 visitors we hit the goal I wanted to hit as of New Years Day. Thanks to every one who has supported this show since it started in October 2007. The blog was starter in July 2009. Keep telling every one about Radio of Horror on 91.3 FM Wcuw in Worcester MA.

Help Radio of Horror

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We need a huge push to reach a mile stone goal on this site.
We need a few more subscribers and some more visitors
Pick an article and re-blog it send it to friends
I would like to hit my mile stone by New Years Eve
We been on their air since 2007 and the blog has been up since 2009.
Help Radio of Horror end the year with a bang.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

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Tim Burton’s classic film makes me feel a wee bit old as it can out when I was entering high school.
It’s 21 years old and still holds up today.
What a weird movie crossing Christmas and Halloween making it twice the Holiday movie.
The great Chris Sarandon play Jack Skellington the Pumpkin king of Halloween town. He wants to bring Christmas to his dark gothic little town and with the help of some mischief makers he kidnaps Santa Claus and takes over. But then has to rescue Santa from Oggie Boogie his arch nemesis.
Patrick Stewart does an amazing job as the voice narrarartor.
Catherine o Hare play Sally Jack’s girl friend and a great show of what hot dead chicks can look like….years later Corpse Bride.


Danny Elfmans score is amazing and really helps bring the stop motion animation to life. The movie is not directed by Burton but by Henry Selick. This is still Burton’s vision. I think at the time Burton was working on Ed Wood.

The visuals in this movie are really creepy and some great uses if stop motion the likes if which we don’t get very often. Hot topics really had a field day with the merchandising of this film and it continues today.
Chris would return to play Jack in two Kingdom Heart video games for Play Station2. A game series that crosses Disney and Final Fantasy.  And you thought crossing Christmas with Halloween was weird. These games were recently rereleased for The PS3.
The blu Ray has some decent bonus material with commentary and Burton’s short film Vincent which I a tribute to the late great Vincent Price.

The soundtrack was redone with great covers by Marylin Manson Fiona Apple Fallout boy and others.
This is a great film no matter ifn it’s Halloween or Christmas.

Tales from the Crypt/ Twilight Zone Santa Claus

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I had my Layaway paid off at Toys R Us by some mystery people known as the Layaway Angels all over Massachusetts this happened. Its a Christmas conspiracy of comfort and joy. So in honor of them I thought I pay tribute to the man who doe bring joy to people but in a twisted fucked up weird horror way.

From two of the episodes, of two of the tv shows you didn’t think this was coming from. Why two? cuz there are two many fucking Santa Claus. Third place runner up is the Santa from Rise of the Guardians voiced by Alec Baldwin. O and Jack Skelington (Chris Sarandon), from The Nightmare Before Christmas but Jack is not really Santa in his movie he kidnaps the Santa and nearly gets him killed. O and one more The late Douglas Seale makes a great Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas. He oozes with charm and kindness.

First since we are a Horror show

Tales from The Crypt Season 1 :  And all Through the House

A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus (Larry Drake from Darkman)  outfit is on the loose.

A twisted screwed up tale with a murdering Santa is nothing new when this episode came out in 1989, as we had Silent Night Deadly Night in 1984.  It was directed by Robert Zemeckis the man behind Back to the Future an FUTURE Christmas classics like The Polar Express and The Christmas Carol staring Jim Carrey. He was also one of the creators of Tales and the episode was written by Fred Decker who directed The Monster Squad. You get a twisted tale of you better watch as this Santa will kick your ass and kill you to DEATH and beyond. I would like to point out the IMDB page is the Who’s who of this episode of character actors and I’m not going to name them all but you should check out what every one has done. The Wife is Marry Ellen Trainor from Goonies and The Monster Squad movies made by Richard Donner and the aforementioned Fred Decker two people behind Tales from the Crypt.


The Twilight Zone: Season 2 Night of the Meek

Here is the opening narrative from Rod Sterling him self on this episode

This is Mr. Henry Corwin, normally unemployed, who once a year takes the lead role in the uniquely popular American institution, that of the department-store Santa Claus in a road-company version of ‘The Night Before Christmas‘. But in just a moment Mr. Henry Corwin, ersatz Santa Claus, will enter a strange kind of North Pole which is one part the wondrous spirit of Christmas and one part the magic that can only be found… in the Twilight Zone

The late Art Carney plays Henry Corvin who is a Santa Lush and finds a sack full of toys that what ever he pulls out of it appears to whom ever as what they wish for Christmas. HE starts delivering toys every where and spreading Christmas Joy. In the end something magical and corny happens, leading to his true destiny. Its a Twilight Zone episode neither scary or creepy but showed Rod Sterling had a  true talent for writing that would warm our hearts and shows the true meaning of Christmas.

Both episodes are on dvd now check them out and have a Merry Christmas