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Horror/Sci-Fi TV Shows Jan 2010 Part 2

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DollHouse: We fans of Joss Whedon have been hit once again by the tragedy of a failed TV Show. Tomorow it goes out with a bang. If you remember the best episode from S1 of the show was the one no one saw. It took place in the future and it was a great ending to the first season. Now we get closure of that story and the official end to the Doll House. Unlike on Fire Fly it just ended. Check out for more info and to catch up on what was the best sci-fi show on network tv.

Supernatural: Last weeks was a Session 9 kinda episode, with the brothers locked up in the loony bin. This week in a very 13 going on 30 parody Sam switches bodies with a 13-year-old kid and Dean is left to deal with it. its more of the comedy Horror you have come to love from this great CW tv show. It’s a shame this show is ending this year. The actors have it in their contract to go another season but they shouldnt if they are dealing with the end of the world. This is the only really good thing on this channel unless you like Twilight then you’ll the next show on our list.

The Vampire Diaries: The only draw for this wash of a show trying to make some bank on the teen vamp craze is Ian Joseph Somerhalder who played Boone on Lost is in it. Other than that I never even found the books to be that good. you want a good Vamp in love story order HBO watch Tru Blood.

Demons: I really wish the BBC had just named it Van Hellsing so what if there was a movie and an anime show of the same name.  This show serves only one real purpose to give us something on BBC to watch til Only Human and Dr.Who return. The characters are very bland and maybe I am being to critical but they just seem like run of the mill teenage Van Hellsing in love story that we have seen so many times before. Now you want a funny tounge in cheek Van Hellsing story,  watch American Vampire staring Carmen Electra and ADAM WEST.


Dead Space

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Dead Space was made for fans of films like Event Horizon or Alien in mind. Not since Resident Evil 4, Silant Hill 2,  or  Siren have I played a game that was true terror.  As the main character Isaac you go thru 12 levels of insanity trying to save yourself your crewmates and your gf from the creatures known as NecroMancers. The graphics in the game along with the sound and gameplay are all top-notch. Every time I played this it had to be on a bright Sunday afternoon. The game is that creepy!!!

Now  the first game is more like chapter 4 in whats become a 5 part storyline so far. Dead Space  has an animated film( which does not look nearly as good as the game but still a decent prequel) a comic and a Wii rail shooter. These all take place before the game on 360 and PS3. What exact order well thats really up to you. The very first moments of the Wii game and the Comic are the beginning then the movie and the rest of the events all seem to mesh to gether.  All 6 issues of the first comic are also on the Wii game. Image put out all the comics. The artwork is done by Ben Templesmith the artist and co-creator of 30 Days of Night. So its safe to assume he knows something about Horror.  The Wii game is really for the diehard fans but at the same time I never want to her someone say there are no good M rated games on the Wii thats Bull Shit. 

Now the 5th part of Dead Space 2 wont be out till 2011. We got our first look in last months Game Informer and the new X-box mag. You take control of Isaak and have to do battle with the Necromancers again. Image announced a tie-in comic again nd maybe another anime film hopefully. So far early screen shots look good. It’s just a shame we have to wait this long till it comes out. In the mean time you have 2 other games and a movie and 7 comics to read (there was a DS E comic also).  But go check out Aliens and Event Horizon for an original Horror movie in space story.

Zelda Rubinstein RIP

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RIP: Zelda Rubinstein she wasbest know for the psychic from Poltergeist. Horror Fan everywhere will miss her. She also did a lot of voice work over the years. You might have heard some of it IMDB her to see what you missed from this great performer.

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Actor Doug Jones & Director Anthony DiBlasi on the show tonight

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Tonight actor and friend of the show Doug Jones will on to talk about his new book upcoming  projects and Legion.  Director Anthony DiBlasi will be on afterward to talk about his new movie Dread, based on the short story by Clive Barker.

Legion or why God hates us

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Legion staring Paul Bettany was a complete waste of time of a film the only real good thing in it is that Doug Jones appears as this demented Ice Cream Man in the beginning of the movie. The movie starts off well enuf Denis Quad is one of the only 3  other stars in the film. He owns a beat up old Garage and dinner with his son. Paul character play the Angel Michael. Not sure who did it best him or John Travolta. Anyway so Mike shows up tells some girl who does not look really pregnant that her baby needs to die. But wait I am pretty sure they never say why the baby has to die. Is it the anti christ or is it a demon. It’s just kinda goes down hill from there.  The special effects were good the idea that and Angels Halo is a color not a thing around there head is a new twist on how and why Angels are badass. Recently Angels in the past few years were shown as pissed off whiney power hungary pains. Dogma, Supernatural,  and several others. I now hear they are making a Legion sequel all I can say is please fix some of the awful plot holes left hanging and do something with the half angel zombies in this movie cuz they were useless the first time around.

Legion Event tomorow night

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Stop by the Entertainment Cinema in Leominster MA tomorow night for a chance to win some Legion prizes. T-shirts and Posters. Doug Jones one of the stars of Legion will be on the show this coming Sunday.

Arisia 2010

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Arisia 2010 has come and gone I would like to thank my good friend Jerome Connor for getting me involved in it last year. I would like to thank Dan Kimmel for getting me on the 2009  film in review panal. Big news from the people who brought u the Sci-Fi Film Festival come the Horror Film Festival. YAHHHHHHHHH

I got to see the Repo the Genetic Opera Play/movie thing that was cool. It was much better than the Buffy musical last year yuck. I got snubed by a friend ut made a great new one.  I ran into Chad from Thats Entertainment (my local comic book store) and the free lunch comic guys were great to have dinner with. I got to have Breakfast with Musical guest of honor SJ Tucker and her friend Persis got me a room to sleep in thanks so much. The other two panals I was on were lack luster at best.

BUT THE PARTIES were AWSOME . THey mod was great and it was fun to go to the parties with someone this year last year it was dull as hell. I got to watch two hours of old trailers that was a great flashback to the old days of cnema .  It was fun to see SJ Tuckers Concerts those were alot of fun. The second one was the best.  Well I hope to return to Arisia next year and to have as much fun as I did this year.