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Werewolves and Mummies

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Tonight on the show we have from the movie Bonehill Road we have the director Writer on the show with us Todd Sheets. HE made this pretty decent low budget practical effects Werewolf movie. Then we have the music from the 1999 movie The Mummy a sound track I wanted to play a few weeks ago but ran out of time.

Check out the Imdb link on Bonehill ROad for more info about this movie



The Howling Films

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Tonight on the show is the author behind The Complete History of the HowlingBryn Curt James Hammond 


He will be with us for 45 mins talking about all things Howling and how this massive book came together. THEN we will have the music from Jurassic Park 3 as we continue our countdown to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and we will play music from The Howling as well in honor of our Guest tonight.

If you want some great in depth and pain staking BUT FUN coverage of the Howling films check out Bill Fulkerson Outside the Cinema

The Howling and Rock and Shock

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Tonight on the show the Writer and Artist on The Howling Revenge of the Werewolf Queen Comic Book, then we have Kevin Barbare from Rock and Shock on the show to talk about this years Convention. Music tonight will be from The Howling movie and Bride of Chucky as we have the new film CULT of Chucky coming out this Tuesday…/howling-revenge-werewolf-queen-1/

“TerrorCon 2017” 

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Kat and I are recording new episodes of Supernatural Creatures and Lore Podcast and a couple weeks ago we created this video based on our time at the Horror con in Providence RI. 

Actresses and Psychologists

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From Dances with Werewolves and a variety of Cosplays she does like the sexy and awesome superhero Zatanna…. Tatiana DeKhtyar on the show tonight. Also on the to night Psychologist Travis Langley talking about the mind of the Doctor from Doctor Who.



Vid Me

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A new home for Radio of Horror only time will tell

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Mini Reviews Part 4 The Revenge

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More reviews of too many films to cover on this blog, for longer review tune in to the show on Sunday night, as we discuss them in length.

What we do in the Shadow’s


This comes from the Flight of the Concords team who also appear in the movie. A group of Vampires live together and try to co habitate as roommates in the modern era. They have a woman who one of them promises to turn if she is a good day watcher. The group gets use to the modern world when a new Vampire introduced to their group has a friend that shows them skype and cell phones and tries to get them get into the 21century. It’s a unique mockumentary style film with an unseen camera crew the vampires hired to chronicle their night to night life. The jokes and silliness of the Vampires is front and center for the main story. They bicker and bitch and moan like roommates do. You get a real sense of how much fun they had making this movie. This is a film making fun of all the crappy romance movies and TV shows involving Vampires we have gotten over the last 7 years. A subject in Vampire fiction which has all ways been around since Dracula but this was getting ridicules. What we do in the shadows does not take it self seriously. It’s a real fun look at a genre that had gotten too stale. Dark gothic creepy and funny as hell.

Teeth and Blood

From the BET network creator Robert L Johnson, this was one of the worst movies I had seen in a long time. It’s filled with bad tropes and jokes of black, Hispanic and Asian people. Like purple suit wearing Vampire pimps, queen divas, black Females Cops with big asses. It just goes over the top and is a bore from beginning to end. I applaud them for trying to fill the Vampire Genre with something besides Blade and Blackula. I would prefer the latter two films. ….Blackula and Scream Blackula Scream is now on blur ray from Scream Factory.

The Voices

A man played by Ryan Reynolds with a few too many problems talks to his Cat Mr. Whiskers and his Dog Bosco. (Reynolds voices all the animals in this movie, making you ask if this is all in his head and he hears voices coming thru his cat and dog. There is also a deer who talks to him as well. The dog acts like his conscious and the Cat gives him the worst advice. HE starts to fall for the woman he works with played by Gemma Arterton and Ann Kendrick. This movie was insane from beginning to end. At times though you really feel bad for. This movie really has some deep depressing loneliness issues you can relate too. Reynolds seems to be at his best when he is not playing a jack ass on screen. Buried is another movie of his like that. Voices has this dark and funny quality all at the same time. Showing us a Horror movie different than we seen before. The screenplay for this movie was written in 2009, and was one of the best unread screenplays in Hollywood for 5 years.

Wolf Cop

Wolf cop

One of the most ridicules movies to come out recently is Wolf Cop it hit film fests last year and then went to theaters and vod and dvd this past week. A cop gets bitten by a Werewolf and becomes a Wolf Cop. He maintains his sanity and uses his new Wolf powers to fight crime. Very simple very 80s, as there is tons of cheese in this movie. Gory over the top and very silly at times. This movie is not to be taken seriously, much like Hobo with a Shotgun was a few years ago. Wolf Cop will go down as one of the best Horror Comedies ever made.