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History of Radio of Horror Part 1:Origins

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Over the next several weeks leading to the 13th Year Anniversary of the show I will be going over the History of Radio of Horror. The Evolution of the show and the guests we had on. How it started as a series of short audio reviews before it became Dr.Chris Radio of Horror on WCUW in Worcester in Oct 2007. Below you will also learn of the original Radio of Horror audio Show, which to say I am proud of but it sounded worse than the first year of Radio of Horror on wcuw.

May of 2006- Aug of 2007 I made audio tracks under Radio of Horror for a small comic news site.  This is what some would call the KTMA year of Radio of Horror.  A now defunct website called Independent Comics If there is a site up currently with this name its not the same I worked for and wish them well. I reviewed anything Horror or Sci-Fi related from  the comic industry. I was a terrible writer and still am today. Two of my favorite reviews that I can remember were about The Transformers and Vampire movies. I have always been fascinated with Vampire movies, comics books and more. When I was very little sick home from school my mother let me watch My Best Friend is a Vampire. That really helped my love of Horror movies grow. I tried at a young age before understanding ANYTHING about the novel real Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire. My reviews were recorded on a Toshiba laptop I had gotten at Circuit City the year before on a Black Friday event. I had no editing software nor did I have any microphone or head set so the audio reviews, this was a disaster and I sounded ok but not really. This would continue with reviews for over a year. I eventually stopped cuz the pressure of a job and a new baby was too much.

Xavier my son was born Nov 2006. This was a huge thing for me becoming a father. Little did I know of the horror to come. Xavier was born with severe Kidney problems and it nearly killed him. I stopped doing the reviews for a couple months and went back to them erratically. Xavier is fine these days and a healthy gaming enthusiastic 13 year old who loves Dinosaurs and Godzilla movies.

March 2007 I worked at BlockBuster Video twice. ( a place to go and rent movies now adays people stream on Netflix, D+, HULU and more). Once in 2000 for several months and then again from August 2006-July 2008. There was a video store in Worcester Ma called Starship Video which my friend Jesse Smith of Trick or Treat radio podcast worked at before I ever knew him.  I had always hoped BB would be as cool as that, it wasnt. Corporate Video stores are stringent and difficult always under the threat of the Mystery Shop. I got the idea to do a film fest to raise money for the Boston Children’s Hospital. They had saved my sons life and he was still being seen by them to this day to make sure his one kidney remains healthy. I planned on showing two back to back films and went out of my way to find out how to show movies in public, One of the films was The Lost Boys. ( I would later do an entire podcast with Scott Danielson breaking the film down minute by minute.) I called a company called Swag and paid 100 in public licencing fees to show them in public more if I wanted a copy of the film sent to me but they were not in high demand so that was the cheap fee to avoid getting in trouble.

July 2007 The film festival was set to premier at the VFW Hall in Leominster Ma. I had gotten a lot of food from local places I had formed relationships with like a privately owned Quiznos. I even had Mike Shu of WAAF a local Rock Radio station announce it on the air and come to the event. He was the ONLY person who came to the event. My mother, wife, my kid, grandmother and mother in law were the only ones in attendance. It was a disaster we never raised any money. Mike called Kevin Barbare a friend of mine and  and asked if he was coming and he mentioned this was the night the 7th and final Harry Potter Novel was being sold and books stores everywhere were having midnight release events. Mike told me he was impressed at putting it together and getting so many vendors involved. We had ALOT of food that night. No one came but it gave me an idea.

Meeting Mike that night and later at Rock and Shock Kevin Barbare who co run Rock and Shock with Gina Migliozzi gave me an idea that when I went to a local art festival in Sept it really drove me to pursue my own radio show. Rock and Shock would be the blasting off point for the show.  It was at the time besides Spooky World the only Horror Convention or event in New England. They had guests and panels and combined Rock and Horror together, Convention by day concert at night. It ran from 2003-2019 and closed or it didn’t its very confusing, but Kevin assures it will be back in 2021, they were planning to reopen this year but the Pandemic has halted that from happening.

In the next chapter we will discuss the beginning of the shows evolution the first few co-hosts and some of the trials and tribulations of working at WCUW.

Driving and Podcasting

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Tonight on the From the thriller Driven Director Glenn Payne then one of the two host of The Pod and The Pendulum, music tonight will be in honor of Joel Schumacher from the soundtrack of THE LOST BOYS.


Raven Hex and Vampire Director

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Tonight on the show we have Director Mitchel Altieri to talk about his work on the classic Vampire movies The Hamiltons and its sequel The Thompsons

Then also on with us tonight is Comic Book Creators Jim Balent and his wife Holly Golightly to talk about the spin off one shot Raven Hex currently on Kickstarter. Raven Hex is from their comic Tarot Witch of the Black Rose. Music tonight will be from the Fantasy epic sci-fi film MASTERS of THE UNIVERSE,


Thirteen Ghosts

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The Bonus features on Thirteen Ghosts has been released I’m pretty excited to hear some of these interviews, but no Tony Shalhoub or Mathew Lillard is disappointing

Thirteen-Ghosts-Blu-ray-05-768x965Press Release: This summer, thrills and chills abound with the arrival of the horror thriller THIRTEEN GHOSTS Collector’s Edition Blu-ray on July 28, 2020 from SCREAM FACTORY™. Awesome ectoplasmic specters populate THIRTEEN GHOSTS, an effects-rampant remake of the 1960 William Castle haunted-house film directed by Steve Beck (Ghost Ship) and from producers Gilbert Adler (House on Haunted Hill), Joel Silver (The Matrix, Suburbicon) and Robert Zemeckis (Cast Away, What Lies Beneath). Tony Shalhoub (Galaxy Quest) leads a cast that includes Embeth Davidtz (Mad Men), Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?), Shannon Elizabeth (Jay and Silent Bob Reboot), Rah Digga (Blade II), and F. Murray Abraham (Homeland). The house itself is a design marvel and a mysterious puzzle-cube whose eerie corridors, sliding walls, spinning floors and phantasmic fiends may allow no escape. A must-have for movie collectors and horror enthusiasts, this definitive Blu-ray release contains special bonus content, including new audio commentary, interviews and more. Pre-order is available now at

Avid fans and collectors, please take note: order from and get an Exclusive 18” x 24” rolled poster featuring brand new artwork, available while supplies last!

A family inherits an elegant steel-and-glass mansion from a deceased relative. The catch is that along with the house comes a slew of ghosts that can be seen only through special goggles.

Directed by STEVE BECK

THIRTEEN GHOSTS Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
Bonus Features:

  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Steve Beck
  • NEW Haunted in Canada – an interview with actress Shannon Elizabeth
  • NEW The Voice of Reason – an interview with actor Matthew Harrison
  • NEW Sophomore Spookshow – an interview with producer Gilbert Adler
  • NEW The Juggernaut Speaks- an interview with actor John DeSantis
  • NEW The Hammer Speaks- an interview with actor Herbert Duncanson
  • Thir13en Ghosts Revealed
  • Ghost Files: A Haunted Houseful of Poltergeist Profiles
  • Original Electronic Press Kit featuring interviews with the cast and crew and behind-the-scenes footage
  • Audio Commentary with director Steve Beck, production designer Sean Hargreaves and special makeup effects artist Howard Berger
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots

1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.85:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1/English Subtitles/2001/Approximate Feature Running Time: +/- 91 Minutes

Shout! Factory will continue to present the on-going SCREAM FACTORY™ home entertainment series in 2020 with specific release dates, extras and key art. Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to visit the Scream Factory main website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter or to view exclusive video content on YouTube.

Michael and Jennifer Biehn

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Tonight on the show returning to the show after many years is the husband and wife team of Michael Biehn ( Terminator, Aliens The Victim and more) and his Wife Jennifer Blanc Biehn ( Dark Angel, The Victim and more), Music tonight will be from the 4th X-Files CD soundtrack.


The Fall of Fangoria? AGAIN??

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I don’t know what to say about the rise and fall and rise and FALL again of Fangoira magazine but you can check out the press statement here. The Producer of Cinestate was arrested for RAPING a 16 year old girl in 2017. Many podcast like Adam Greens Movie Crypt left Fangoria Podcast network. I had a project in development with Cinestate and now has been cancelled. I’m shocked and dismayed at their actions but Fangoria is reacting well, lets just see if they can survive the fallout. A few years ago when they relaunched the magazine I was going to work on audio books for them and that project fell apart, glad I didnt.



The Clearing

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Tonight on the show we have The director and star of The Clearing a new Zombie movie that got released this week. Director David Matalon is on first and then I’m joined by Liam McIntyre ( Spartacus, The Flash, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Gears of War 4&5). Music tonight will be from the third disk of the X-Files soundtrack.