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Dr.Chris Record Spotlight presents: SCREAM

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WOW it has been months since I did one of these I realized and I wanted to do one to start the new year weeks ago but never got around to it. SO the last day of January I decided to start again, this time with an album that I picked up back in October SCREAM in fact its actually the sound track to Scream 1 and 2. Both films were directed by the late great Wes Craven and composed by Marco Beltrami.  The music from the Scream franchise was instrumental in launching the career of Marco Beltrami, who is now one of the most popular composers in Hollywood. This really shows he can do that music we love to hear in a Wes Craven Horror movies, its soft at times we need to be and twisted and speeds up for a good fight and chase scenes. I never found Scream to be scary but I wont denigh I loved the films and their music was always great.

The record comes in a slip cover with Gorgeous art by Gary Pullin, more on his amazing art can be found here. Gary Pullin Facebook Page


The art reminds me of the cover to Friday the 13th Part 8 with Jason over looking New York city. I tried to recreate this for a office function once with Jason over looking our building like he does NY City.  I was told by HR to take it down…..the precious butterfly’s of the office might be OFFENDED. I digress. If you look closely you can see Drew Barrymore character hanging from the tree like in the opening of SCREAM.

The vinyl it self is white to match Ghost Face mask. A Bone White’ 180 gram colored vinyl. The record when the needle hits really puts me into the film itself and when it comes to Horror Soundtracks this is the best way for me to listen to them, not on Itunes or on cd even. My only complaint is the Chase begins from the first Scream is not here. Also the cardboard it comes in can be damaged very very easily so be careful how you handle it. Mine has a few creases already. The price tag on this is not bad it will fetch you between 20-25 on amazon or ebay. Pick it up if your a horror soundtrack collector.

Dylan Dog The Tv SHow

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Back in 2001 Brandon Routh before he was he Atom and after he was Superman played Dylan Dog and I actually kind of liked the movie but…..lots of people did not…however look whats coming soon.

First, some info on the comics – Dylan Dog is a massively popular Italian horror comic, created by Tiziano Sclavi in 1986 (Sclavi would later write the script for an unofficial Dylan Dog tie-in – Dellamorte Dellamore, aka Cemetery Man).

Dylan Dog is a private investigator specializing in nightmares. He lives  with his eccentric assistant, Groucho, and solves cases dealing with the paranormal.

Seeing as the copyright to Dylan Dog still lies in Hollywood (adaptation Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a film similar in name only to the popular comic and hated by fans), some of the characters had to be slightly altered; yet, the atmosphere and feel are kept as close as possible to the source material.

Kevin Kopacka produced, directed, scored, and edited the pilot episode, titled “Dream of the Living Dead” – which he co-wrote with fellow director Alex Bakshaev. Besides the titular character Dylan (renamed as “Dylan Dawn”), the pilot will feature alterations of other Dylan Dog characters such as Groucho, Inspektor Bloch, Madame Trelkovski, Jenkins, Morgana, and Xarabas.

After a fight with her husband, Corrado, Morgana’s world seems somehow different – cold, dark, and rotten. Trapped between reality and nightmare, she has no choice but to seek out “Nightmare Investigator” Dylan Dawn. But can Dylan save her from her fate, or is she forever caught in a maze of bad dreams?

“Dylan” stars Ford Everett as Dylan, Denise Ankel as Morgana, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder veteran Harry Baer as Inspektor Mahlow. The pilot is currently in post-production, but the rough edit has already been finished. It will have a run time of 40 minutes and will be released free for all online around April. Based on the reaction to the pilot, a 6-episode first season might get made (though at the moment it is unknown if for TV or based online).

Director’s Statement:
The idea is to have a 6-episode first season. As with the comics, each episode will be different in style and atmosphere to the one before, but there will be an overarching story with Xarabas planned to appear in the season finale.

Expect it to be a mixture of the Dylan comics L’alba dei morti viventi and Morgana with nods to Italian classic horror movies such as Dellamorte Dellamore, Zombi, Demoni, and Burial Ground. It will be very atmospheric, artistic, and (hopefully) even scary but still with comedic elements. A full trailer will be released before the launch of the episode.

As a closing statement, I will say that this show is made for the fans and is in no way meant to be disrespectful to its source material. I hope you (especially the Italian fans!) will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Linda Sejic

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Tonight on the show Artist Writer Linda Sejic to talk about Blood Stain vol 1 and 2. Vol 2 will be out next month. Music tonight will be another attempt from the CROW Score, last time the studio record player was on the fritz


John Hurt RIP

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Sad News John Hurt star of Alien The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, V for Vendetta, The Elephant Man and Hellboy and many other movies has passed away at the age of 77 due to cancer. Sir John Vincent Hurt, CBE was an English actor and voice actor whose career spanned six decades. My favorite role of his was from Alien and V for Vendetta. He has been in so many others over the years.      Our hearts are with you John.


Jess-O-Lantern Presents: SCREAM FOR ME INC.

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Hey Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I present to you a creepy customizable company guaranteed to make you scream! SCREAM FOR ME, INC! 

Creator Kirby Robinson got to chat with us about his company, supply and demand at horror conventions, and what makes Scream For Me Inc. so unique! 

“I formed my company just 2 years ago in late December 2014. I’ve been going to horror conventions since 2008 and over the years I just noticed that each convention in the Midwest always had the same vendors selling the same stuff. While there were and are a lot of awesome vendors out there I felt that there was a serious lack of variety and thought I could fill the gap with products no one else was making or selling. I started off small with making phone cases, coffee mugs, wallets, and some buttons. Then eventually I started making patches and the business really took off. As far as I know, I’m the only company that will do 1 off custom patches, whereas most companies have a minimum order of 20 or more. I also do custom orders on anything that I make. Not just custom patches!

Now here we are 2 years later and I’ve had my official website since October 2015. My website is filled with tons of items from home décor to patches and even some Christmas ornaments. I make everything on the website myself except for the screen printed t-shirts and women’s undies. I’m always looking to expand and branch out and even work with other artists and vendors. I will be traveling and selling at a lot more horror conventions in 2017 as well, so please be on the look out to see if Scream For Me Inc. will be in your area!”

Speaking of horror conventions, I heard through the social media grape vine that Scream For Me Inc. will be vending at this April’s SPOOKY EMPIRE in Orlando, FL! (My hometown, and my home-base Horror Con!) If you live anywhere near the Central Florida area, go to Spooky Empire in April and check out Scream For Me Inc.! (

You can check out Kirby’s line of creepy custom goodies at:

And you can also check them out on Instagram (@ScreamForMeInc), and Facebook (Scream For Me Inc.)

Jess-O-Lantern Presents: Dead End Lane!

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Greetings Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I bring you the wonders of punk/hardcore fiends DEAD END LANE! 

Hailing from Baltimore, MD and Northern VA, Dead End Lane has been described as “Three Punks and Rosie the Riveter singing.” They write super catchy punk melodies, fast and aggressive hardcore songs, and have a touch of horror punk. Which, in combination, will pique any true punk rocker’s desires! Drawing influences from bands like Rancid, The Misfits, and The Distillers. Dead End Lane also dangles out one old school 50s/60s doo-wop song on every album given the band’s interests in the evolution of true melodies from artists like Dion, Elvis, and The Temptations. While their influences range across the punk spectrums, Dead End Lane is it’s own band with it’s own style, sarcastically creative humor, intense performances, and Dead End Lane never writes the same song twice.

Dead End Lane’s guitarist Salacious T gave us a little back story on how the band was formed, their recent tours, and what is in store for their future! 

“Dead End Lane formed when I (originating member and guitarist/writer) met vocalist Erin Demise and DEL began its current foray into the punk scene. With liked-minded influences ranging from The Misfits, The Nekromantix, Rancid, The Distillers, The Horror Pops, Blood For Blood and Balzac, the two hit it off immediately. Also avid fans of the 1950s, fans at DEL shows can expect to hear at least one 50’s influenced song or a revamped 50’s cover. After many great lineups, the current lineup is Erin on vocals, the Salacious T on guitar and back up vocals, Josh on bass and backup vocals, and Anthony on drums. Colin is also the bassist on DEL’s first full length album that was released in June 2016, Bring Out Your Knives. T and Colin have been best friends for almost 30 years now and Colin played with the band for two years from April 2014-April 2016. The current lineup and lineup for the past two years has been insanely energetic on stage with members jumping and spinning everywhere and flying into the crowd. DEL has consistently played regionally and up and down the east coast with numerous tours already completed in 2016, including all the way down to Miami playing the infamous Churchill’s Pub with more to come!”

In late October 2013, Dead End Lane’s singer and front woman, Erin “Demise” Maltese, was one of the recording back-up vocalists for the Misfits 10/13 EP release, singing on their cover of “Science Fiction Double Feature”. (I am a HUGE Rocky Horror fan, having been on The Rich Weirdoes shadow cast in Orlando for 4 years, and OF COURSE a big Misfits fan as well. So this video made me VERY happy! Erin Demise performing the song live with The Misfits! Check it out on the YouTube link below!) 

Having opened for national acts such as The Misfits, Marky Ramone, Michale Graves, The Adicts, The Independents, The Business, Mephiskapheles, the Hub City Stompers, The Creepshow, The Pietasters, JuiceheaD, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes and Calabrese, DEL’s exposure to the local scene and national punk scenes continues to grow, perform, and tour with only more to come!

You can find more on Dead End Lane here!…

And you can check out some of their rockin’ tunes here!…..

And watch more of Dead End Lane on YouTube here!…

Thank you Dead End Lane for supporting Radio of Horror! And thank YOU readers! Stay tuned my fiends, becuase my next feature article will showcase a company that will really make you SCREAM! 😉 

Directors and Podcasts

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Tonight on the show from Fiend Fatale 2:22 Last Shift and many more we have
Writer Director Producer Steven Shea on the show with us, we are also joined by Cory Strode of Kray Z Comics Podcast talking with me and Jess about Horror comics.

Call of Cthulhu The Video Game

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Coming out for all the systems so I cant wait to play it on the PS4

I hope this is a great game taking its own merits with the short story. The last game that came

Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment

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Hey Radio of Horror, Jess-O-Lantern here! And today I present to you the terrifying mastermind behind Abyssmal Entertainment, the International Award-Winning STEVEN SHEA! In my years of creeping around the swamps of FL I had the privilege of meeting him and getting familiar with his work.  He will be a guest on this weeks Radio of Horror! But in the mean time, here is a little bit about Steven Shea!  

            Steven Shea has been working in the entertainment industry since he was 16 years old. Starting out in the local television market in the Florida Keys where he grew up, he eventually made his way to Orlando where he founded Abyssmal Entertainment in 2002. His first feature film he wrote and directed, “The Night Owl”, was distributed globally in the Summer of 2005. In 2008, “Hoodoo For Voodoo”, Steven’s 2nd feature he wrote and directed was released on DVD. Steven garnered some awards on the international festival circuit with the horrific short film “2:22” in 2009, which has been distributed through Hulu & FearNet. “Doomsday County” is a horror anthology film that he co-directed and produced that was released worldwide through Troma Inc in 2013. The comedy web series “The Interrogationists” was released in the summer of 2014 through Funny Or Die. He was a Producer on the feature films “Last Shift”, “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend”, “The Unbroken”, “Deadly Weekend”, “Two Days”, and “Andre the Butcher”.

He co-wrote his first Horror novel “Film FestEvil” in 2016, based on a screenplay he had written. He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Melanie, and son Victor

You can find more on Steven Shea and is work at 

In addition, check out his latest project, directing the newest music video for Austrian Horror Punk band, KITTY IN A CASKET!

JR Pepper Photography

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On the show tonight The amazing Photographer JR Pepper and I play music from The Crow. Flying solo tonight with out the cohost who is away on a music gig



Supernatural Creatures and Lore Group

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Hey if you are a  fan of Supernatural the tv show please join the group its connected to the new podcast I do. PLEASE download and leave a rating for our show.


Vampire Goddess

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On the show tonight from Fright Night Part 2 Julie Carmen. Her character in the film was the inspiration for my version of Dracula. Currently under development with Morgan.  Jess-O-Lantern returns to co-hosting duties after a 2 week vacation and we play some music from Twins of Evil the Lesbian Hammer Horror movie starring the late great Peter Cushing who appears in CGI in Rouge One A Star Wars Story.  And the soundtrack to SCREAM 1 and 2.



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  1. So with rehearsal with my partner YANG happening this Sunday its a good time to bring this up.
  2. We are bringing the BDSM Lesbian Romantic Comedy SUNSTONE to life in someway. With the Sunstone Audio Project. We will have a introduction going into detail about each other soon. This is based on the graphic Novel by Stjepn Sejic The creator is behind us on this and looks forward to its development. Vol 1 will be out the week of Valentines. Day.
  3. 13188107_229499387429288_307953641_n
    Follow us here on twitter for more as it develops. Twitter and Facebook pages are run by my partner Yang. She has done a great job.
  4. It will be on the Audio site for Radio of Horror. Stay tuned for more as it develops.

New Dracula Artist

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Her name is Morgan Berard and she is a new artist to the industry she is also a aspiring model, cos-player from Rhode Island. Check out a link to her site below as well as The Dracula Graphic Novel Facebook page. More details to come as she begins working on the comic book. It has evolved into separate issues.