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Happy Hanukkah

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Another year has come and gone and Hollywood still leaves out Hanukkah in a long line of Holiday Horror movies. When will they make this happen? Mitch Gordan host of Shirim Jewish Music on WCUW 91.3 fm in Worcester Agrees he is a casual horror fan and does not understand why they never made one. We had Better Watch Out this year a new Christmas Horror movies but no love for out Jewish Horror Cousins. Maybe one day….I mean we still don’t have a Thanksgiving Horror movie despite getting Eli Roth FAKE trailer back in 2007.




Vid Me

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A new home for Radio of Horror only time will tell

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Spring Mini Reviews

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We cover more movies with tiny review than bigger ones in one post, well have more in-depth coverage if you tune in to the the show on 91. 3 fm wcuw



Wow what a great movie it just came out on Friday from Netflix about a deaf and mute writer who is stalked by a serial killer. No big spoilers about the movie but its a hell of a cat and mouse game. Ever seen Wait Until Dark staring Aubrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany fame? She is a blind woman who is not aware of the people in her house trying to find something she acquired by mistake. You will love this movie if you like that one. A great performance by Kate Siegel and Directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus, If I wake). You will get a great creepy movie, watch it in the dark  if you can.


A fun horror comedy that had no right to be as silly and fun as it was. Everyone is trying to recreate the success of Shawn of the Dead and it seems only Zombieland really did meshing the Zombie Comedy Romance plot. A group of teenage high school boy scouts on a retreat discover people are turning into Zombies. They cowboy up with the skills they acquired as Scouts to help save their town. Directed by Christopher Landon ( Producer/writer of Paranormal Activity 2,3,4, and the Marked Ones) This was better than I thought it was going to be out dated stupid silly toilet humor jokes and Zombie strippers full of gore and blood, if that’s what you enjoy check it out.


Did you think you were getting a sequel to the 2008 film. This is in the vein and related by the smallest detail. A woman played by Mary  Elizabeth Winstead is run off the road by John Goodman and taken back to the bunker and told their is a bio hazard attack and she has to live there now. Also in the bunker is the guy who helped build it played by John Gallagher, Jr who also plays the stalker in HUSH.   You really believe  his story until you find out a secret. I wont spoil it but you and every one else should go see this movie. If you didn’t like the shaky camera stuff you get in the last one then don’t worry its not here. this is a thriller that does become a sci-fi movie so there is a bit of a hint of what you think is coming.



Don’t Fall Sleep

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On the show tonight Paige Joy the director of Don’t Fall Sleep a Nightmare on Elm St fan film, Ill be playing the music from the Nightmare on Elm st films thru out the night as well. #dontfallasleepfilm


Ill also be discussing 10 Cloverfield Lane, the new sci-fi thriller from JJ Abrhams

Filmmakers and Maniacs

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Tonight on the show we have from a movie based on a STEPHEN KING short story Rainy Season we have Vanessa Ionta Wright


Then I have from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D actor Dan Yeager who played Leatherface,

Music will be from Fable Cry for most of the night…

New Videos

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We have some new interviews and reviews on our YOUTUBE page go there now to check them out







Dr.Chris Record Spotlight Fall Edition part 2 HALLOWEEN

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Halloween a time of witches and goblins and gouls and ghosts and some of the best horror music this side of well a horror film.
John Carpenter score is so amazing and haunting it’s truly made for this eerie season.

His original score was released two years ago from Mondo Records in this new 45 vinyl album.  It’s wrote snd compared by John Carpenter. Along side John is The Bowling Green Philharmonic .

You get snips of dialogue in the film from Jamie Lee Curtis snd Donald Pleasence. You get this chill that runs down your spine when you hear the score.


If you look closely into the mouth of Michael Myers you can see his house very very creepy. The eyes are the blackest eyes, the Devils eyes.



A great spread of the iconic scene of Michael with Anne body.

It might be a bit hard to find as the record is now out of print and you will have to look hard and wide on ebay.

Hey I’m part of a Halloween blog tour this year please feel free to check out the other links to this tour

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