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Snow white and the Huntsman,Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters,MAMA,The Great and Powerfull OZ,The Lords of Salem, and the upcoming third Season of American Horror Story all have to do with Witches they have become the new Werewolfs,Vampires,Zombies and Serial Killer main character. The witches seem to be taking over and in a cool way no a wishy washy way, unless you count that crappy teen witch movie that bombed out of the box office.


Artist Christopher Shy

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Tonight on the show we have artist Christopher Shy on the show he has been the conceptual artist on the movies Pathfinder, Conan and Friday the 13th part 12 The Remake.

He is also the artist for Dead Space Liberation and Downfall. and Liberation. These books can be found at He also has art on his site

We will also have the music from The Lords of Salem and Rob Zombies new album



Young Frankenstein the musical

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Tonight and tomorow in Worcester MA is the last chance to see Young Frankenstein the musical. Play begin at 8 both nights at the North High theater.

New Vampire Comics

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I Vampire from DC comics ends today very sad issue 19 is on the news stands now at That’s Entertainment in Worcester MA.

Angel #21 and Morbius The Living Vampire are also out today go check them out. I have reviews of Morbius and I Vampire on


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate

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My review of the new 3DS game


Dead Island Rip Tide

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Here are some great character articles on the new Dead Island game. These are written by Daniel Shatto. The game comes out in about a week on PS3 and 360.

Band tonight

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November Party and the Dirge Carolers tonight on the show at about 1215am est. They are Heather,Peter and Chris. We will also be discussing out review of Lords of Salem, and the New England Metal Fest which took place in Worcester MA this past weekend.

Lords of Salem is now playing at the Showcase Cinema North in Worcester MA