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New Years EVIL

Posted in movies, SciFi, Video Games, websites on December 26, 2010 by chrisdsav

Does any one remmeber that New Years Evil horror movie I am goignt o try to find the soundtrack and play part of it tonight. I will be playing music from Dead Space WHY cuz the demo came out for DEAD SPACE 2 YEAH.

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It’s a Trap

Posted in SciFi, tv on December 22, 2010 by chrisdsav

The new Family Guy Star Wars DVD came out Tuesday.
This is the final chapter in the Star Wars Parody, Robot Chicken just had there 3rd chapter last Sunday.

TRON Legacy sci-fi event

Posted in Leominster Movie Theater, SciFi on December 17, 2010 by chrisdsav

Yup 28 years later its finally out, but good luck finding the orginal on dvd. People on Amazon are sellign it for $80.

Come on down to Leominster Entertainment Cinema at the 7ish showing to win some free prizes, Tron Posters, Infinite Santa 8000 dvds, long sleeve T-Shirts

Black Swan

Posted in entertainment, Leominster Movie Theater on December 16, 2010 by chrisdsav

Finally in theaters locally yahhhhh, its the only thiller or Horror related movie to come out in two months go see it. Make up artist Hottie emma Jackobs will be on the show to talk about her work in the movie this weekend.
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Blackstone Vally

Forrest J. Ackerman Biography

Posted in Books, Comic Books, magazines, movies on December 13, 2010 by chrisdsav

Deborah Painter will be on the show tonight she has written the biography on the famous editor and writer  of Famous Monster of Film land, and a huge sci-fi/horror nut like the rest of us.









Also make sure you check out my new posting on, Its a huge review on Powers vol 1-13


Lost in Shadow

Posted in Video Games on December 11, 2010 by chrisdsav

The story of a boy ripped from his body,  must go on a journey as a shadow to get it back is coming soon to the Wii.

We will have the head of this team on the show coming soon. the game comes out Jan 4th 2011.

Holiday HORROR

Posted in entertainment, movies, radio of horror on December 9, 2010 by chrisdsav

With no new horror movies coming out, and the only thiller being Black Swan, you might think there is nothing for you.
Here is a couple Holiday Horror movies being show at Ralph’s Dinner by our friend Anthony in the weeks to come

Dec 12: Silant Night Deadly Night
Dec 19: Gremlins

Buy a beer and a hamburger sit back and enjoy the carnage, films start at 10pm.