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Like a Dirty French Novel

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Like A Dirty French Novel

LIKE A DIRTY FRENCH NOVEL, a riveting, high-energy mix of PULP FICTION and LOST HIGHWAY, is a grindhouse noir following a sexually-charged phone operator, two estranged twin brothers, and a cosplaying femme fatale. Directed and co-written by Michael Cuenca, the film premieres at Dances With Films film festival, August 28

Hurricane Henri?

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No show tonight the Hurricane has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, enjoy this review from Cati the Blonde in Front of Fear for now.


Short Films

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Tonight on the show Dylan Clark talking about his bizzaro short films that will indeed chill your bones, Music tonight since it was just Friday the 13th we have the music from the Friday the 13th tv show and the new band coming up on the show soon Cliff and Ivy.

Friday the 13th the Tv Series

Bill Sienkiewicz

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Tonight on the show we have Artist Bill Sienkiewicz on the show to talk about current projects hes doing Like Covers for the Conjuring and his long amazing Career. Also on the show with us is Abbey Death a awesome new goth rock band. We will be playing some of their music tonight and music from Rob Zombie new album.

Horror Authors

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Tonight on the show Author Staci Layne Wilson joins us once again along with fellow authors Marco and Violet from her new anthology books. These books have themes set in the 60s, 70s, 80s, Music tonight will be from the the 80s, and 70s and by that i mean The Vinyl Scores to American Werewolf in London and JAWS

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