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Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: DOCTOR WHO

Posted in aliens, entertainment, sci-fi, Time Travel, vinyl on August 4, 2015 by chrisdsav

This month we showcase the sound track of  DoctorWho. This limited edition vinyl was put out in time for the 50th Anniversary  of the doctor.
It’s a pictured stamped album with David Matt and Chris the last three doctors before Peter Capaldi on one side and the Tardis in the time vortex on the other. Ypu really get a striking image of the Doctor looking at it spin on your player.


The music is by Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Conducted by Ben Foster. Round Grainer  did the track for The Doctor Who theme.
The company who produced this is Spacelab and Silva Screen Records. It was only sent to Hottopics. You may be able to find it on the BBC shop site or Doctor Who fan sites but I’m not sure.

I am the Doctor is one of the best themes on here and it’s great to hear on your record player. It really give you a sense of hero worship listening to this great theme.
He music seems mostly from the 7th series of the new Who. Less to do with Christopher Echelons run as the doctor.

If you can find it it’s a great compilation of music at a affordable  price, 19.99. We will be playing this album on Radio of Horror some time soon.



Time Lapse

Posted in SciFi, Time Travel on March 27, 2015 by chrisdsav

Sometimes Sci-fi thrillers can be like Alien or Event Horizon or the Thing, sometime they can be like some thing the Asylum would make.

TIME LAPSE is the feature directorial debut of Bradley King, who co-wrote the script with BP Cooper. It was produced by BP Cooper and Rick Montgomery (Happy, Texas) and edited by Tom Cross, Academy Award®-winning editor of Whiplash. The film had its North American premiere at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival and has won 25 awards at over 65 film festivals worldwide.

“A smart sci-fi thriller with a mind-bending premise, TIME LAPSE combines the ingenious structure of Memento with the dark comic irony of The Twilight Zone,” said XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon. “It epitomizes the exciting new wave of ‘lo-fi sci-fi’ films reported in the Wall Street Journal that rely on original, clever stories and masterful filmmaking rather than hundred-million-dollar visual effects budgets.”

TIME LAPSE explores the possibilities of time travel through a machine that is capable of taking pictures 24 hours into the future. When three friends discover this mysterious machine in their neighbor’s apartment, they encounter a number of pressing questions, not least of which is the whereabouts of their neighbor. Realizing the potential impact of the machine, Finn (Matt O’Leary), Jasper (George Finn), and Callie (Danielle Panabaker) attempt to cash in on their discovery.  But, when a dangerous criminal learns their secret, the friends must set aside their differences and confront the paradox of a future that was once predetermined and entirely uncertain.  Using an engaging blend of action, humor, and philosophy, TIME LAPSE is an original thriller that not only keeps the audience guessing, but also explores questions of pre-determination, free will and destiny.

“After a thrilling festival run around the globe, we are beyond excited to put the North American release of TIME LAPSE into the capable and creative hands of such a forward-thinking distributor as XLrator Media,” said filmmakers Bradley King and BP Cooper in a joint statement.

The deal was negotiated by XLrator Media’s Barry Gordon and Lea Flome with Paradigm Agency’s Ben Weiss and Meghan Oliver on behalf of the filmmakers.