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Neil Blomkamp’s Aliens

Posted in aliens, news, SciFi on February 19, 2015 by chrisdsav

Huge ALIEN news announced yesterday.

20th Century Fox has closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp to develop a new “Alien” movie, sources confirm.

The untitled sci-fi project is separate from “Prometheus 2,” which Fox is still making with Ridley Scott.

Blomkamp, who directed “District 9″ and the upcoming Sony feature “Chappie,” had been teasing the project in recent months but said the extra-terrestrial reboot was likely abandoned. It was supposed to star “Alien” veteran Sigourney Weaver.

It’s unclear whether Weaver is still attached to the movie. Michael Biehn was also suggested to return to the role if Hicks.

According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel. Scott is producing both films through hisproduction company Scott Free.

“Prometheus,” also distributed by Fox, was “loosely based” on the “Alien” franchise and earned over $400 million worldwide. But the3D movie opened to mixed reviews, and Fox hopes Blomkamp, who last directed “Elysium,” can take the franchise to the next level.


Posted in Monsters, movies, Places, SciFi, snow, travel on February 15, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tonight’s show will be a pre recorded show. I am at the 40th Sci fi Thon in Somerville MA and Pamela is still on vacation. Enjoy the show.

War of the Worlds The Series

Posted in aliens, Books, SciFi, tv on January 20, 2015 by chrisdsav

Finally home from Arisia, the sci-fi convention I go to every year.
I thought the first post should be something related along those lines. What better show that I hardly see any coverage on.
War of the Worlds was in response to the growing amount of sci-fi on TV in the 80s after the return of Star Trek with the Next Generation, Friday the 13th the series and more.  (One episode a kid is playing with TNG toys). It seemed the networks needed more and more shows.
The show was developed for syndication with two seasons and 43 episodes from 1988-1990. 
Its picks up 35 years later after the events of the famous movie from 1953 directed by George Pal, based in the novel by H.G. Wells.
The broadcast of Orsen Wells was 1938. Weird thing is you would think an Alien Invasion that nearly destroyed the planet but it never seems like any one really remembers what happened. Its explained there was a world wide amnesia of some kind. Ann Robinson from the film reprises her role as Sylvia Van Buren a colleague of Dr. Forester.
The first season is about the Black wood team let by the professor of the same name to investigate the return of the Aliens.  Blackwood as a child witnessed the original invasion as a child. The second season they kill off two main characters two secondary characters Highlander Adrian Paul joins them and its some how a screwed up America with no explanation.
It really seems like when they brought Frank Mancuso Jr on to the show things went wacky shit crazy. He might have been too busy trying to jungle Friday the 13th the series and the movie franchise as well as this show.
In very few episodes do we get the original Alien ships and those classic 50s sound effects. The aliens look somewhat similar to the film. This time, to avoid the sickness from Earths bacteria (also mixed with radiation from some barrels their bodies were kept in)
They jump into peoples bodies in very gross ways. There was a lot of really violent deaths on this show. It freaked me out as a kid but I had to keep watching. It had decent effects and it seems like their were too many writers for them to reference the film and then not. Its the biggest aggravation with this show.
Season 1 and 2 are on DVD if you can find them.



Posted in Convention, entertainment, Fantasy, horror/sci-fi cartoon, locations, Places, SciFi on January 15, 2015 by chrisdsav

I will be at the Arisia convention over the next four days in Boston Massachusetts. The convention takes place at the Westin Water Front Hotel. Its a great con that focuses on authors and artists and
My cohost Pamela Isley will be at Your Mini Con in Connecticut this weekend as well.


Rest In Peace

Posted in death, entertainment, Fantasy, Horror Movies, news, robots, SciFi, tv, vampires on January 14, 2015 by chrisdsav

Only 13 days into 2015 and we had a few deaths in the genre of Sci-fi and Horror

Actor Rod Taylor
FAREWELL, TIME TRAVELER: Rod Taylor has left this world for good, at 84. He was one of my favorite actors during the ’60s… the HONG KONG TV series, THE TIME MACHINE, THE BIRDS, WORLD WITHOUT END on Million Dollar Movie… what a wonderful performer and engaging screen personality. Thanks for making my childhood that much brighter, Rod.

Screen Wrtiter Brian Clemens
The man who made stars of Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman and Joanna Lumley has died aged 83.
Screenwriter Brian Clemens, who created shows including The Avengers, The New Avengers and The Professionals, died in a London hospital on Saturday, his son George said. He also wrote Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter
Clemens started his working life in advertising before breaking into the film and TV industry, writing scripts for low-budget thrillers.


Designer Robert Kinoshita,
whose robot designs have become American pop culture icons, passed away on Dec. 9. He was 100.

The title character in “Tobor the Great” (1954) was created by Robert Kinoshita.
As a designer draftsman for MGM, Kinoshita created the B9 robot made famous in the 1960s TV series “Lost in Space,” and Robby the Robot, who first appeared in the science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” in 1956.


Happy New Year with over 40,00 visitors and counting

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We at Radio of Horror would like to thank every one we has joined our blog we now have 306 subscribers and over 40,000 visitors we hit the goal I wanted to hit as of New Years Day. Thanks to every one who has supported this show since it started in October 2007. The blog was starter in July 2009. Keep telling every one about Radio of Horror on 91.3 FM Wcuw in Worcester MA.

Movie Review- Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse

Posted in entertainment, SciFi, tv on December 31, 2014 by chrisdsav


Pam Reviews the crappiest disaster movie I ever did see

Originally posted on timewantsaskeleton:

Starring Joel Gretsch and Reilly Dolman (who?) as a father and son team that are forced into solving the cause of global disasters. Neil and Colin Martin are nearly killed by a freak meteor strike (while the dialogue plays up that both men are lonely and bad with women) and soon after are contacted by Kathryn Keen (Emily Holmes) who works for a private company with an interest in an artifact that she believes is causing the disasters. Neil is a professor and archaeologist who is illogically broke and jumps at the chance to help after Colin negotiates the fee up to $100,000.


Neil and Colin make a series of preposterous Indiana Jones Lite finds, including rescuing Sophie (Andrea Brooks, star of the upcoming CW series “iZombie”) before Katherine reveals some questionable motives. The the Department Of Defense gets involved (one of the Agents is played by “Hemlock Grove” actor…

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