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Super 8

Posted in movies, news, websites on December 28, 2011 by chrisdsav

One of the Best movies of the year read my review to find out why


The Devils Double

Posted in movies on December 28, 2011 by chrisdsav

A great and sick and twisted movie that came out on Blue ray this past Oct

Author Drew Karpyshyn

Posted in Books, movies, Video Games on December 26, 2011 by chrisdsav

Sunday Night Drew Karpyshynwill be on the show. He is the author of the book Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan, and one of the writers of the MMORPG that came out this past Tuesday for your PC. We will discuss with us how the book is connected to the game and the game of the past  Nights of the Old Republic for the PC and Xbox. We will also play the music of the film Gremlins



The Five Best Holiday Movies of all Time Part 5

Posted in movies on December 24, 2011 by chrisdsav

We saved the best for last, (but this list is in no paticular order either)…Gremlins it si technecholy a Xmas story. This inventor goes to China town gets a Magua called Gizmo, what ever that is and brings it home, before he does a kid tells him the rules of owning it. he gives it to his son Billy they all get broken and BAM caous insues. Billy played by Zack Galafanacas, (who by the way said he would come on this show and do an interview and never did)  is the owner of Gizmo, it mutates on Christmas eve. TONS of Gremlins terrorize this small town. His next door neighbor is played by Corey Feldman and his smoking Hott girl friend is Phoebe Cates, Frank Welker of Transformers fame shows up as well and play the voice of Stripe the leader of the evil Gremlins. What a way to spend the Holidays Merry CHRISTMAS

Resident Evil: First Hour

Posted in movies, Video Games, websites on December 21, 2011 by chrisdsav

Check out the mini show online at for this fantastic better than whats in theaters Resident Evil online show.  Its just liek the Mortal Kombat show they did early in the year which blew everyone away, with its awsomeness. Pay attention Paul WS Anderson.

The Five Best Holiday Movies of All Time Part 4

Posted in movies on December 19, 2011 by chrisdsav

Now I no every one says The Christmas Story directed by Bob Clark is the best Xmas movie ever made, buttttttt what about Bob’s other film. Ever heard of Black Christmas, o yeah the first slasher film. It came out in 1973 ten days after the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Its about a group of soroaty girls who are being stalked by a killer who used to live in there dorm back when it was just a house. Margot Kidder is in it, years before she would play Lois Lane in Superman and John Saxon who plays a cop, kinda like the way he does in The Nightmare on Elm St films. Its worth checking out as the POV shots from the killer predate Halloween, a spooky film that still holds up today. Please skip the 2006 remake as it is GARBAGE beyond anything ever made ughhh!!!!!!!!!!

Susurrus Din and Artist Bret Herholz

Posted in Books, movies on December 18, 2011 by chrisdsav

Poet Susurrus Din and Artist Bret Herholz will be on the show tonight we will also play the music of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Bret and Ryan will also be discussing with us such films as Black Christmas original and Remake, The Nightmare Before Christmas and other Dark Holiday Films