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Unsolved Mysteries

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I was flipping thru Amazon Prime looking for something to find and landed on the show that terrified me as a child a show I didn’t understand. A show that filled me with nightmares and more. Robert Stack the voice of Ultra Magnus from Transformers the movie and one of my favorite comedies AIRPLANE was the host of this amazing show. If you or someone you know has that missing piece of the puzzle, maybe you can solve a mystery. NOW Netflix is bringing back Unsolved Mysteries. Strange all the old seasons are on Amazon Prime currently.

The site has a tip line that you can leave a message at and they will send the information to local law enforcement in regards to the mystery in question you can help solve.


11th Anniversary

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Its the the 11th Anniversary of the Dr.Chris Radio of Horror show. We launched in Oct on the 15th 2007 at the Rock and Shock Convention here in Worcester. I just left the con as I’m typing this and I’m tired but we have a great show tonight.



Don’t forget we are on at 10pm est now at

Tonight we have Horror Critic and producers of the In Search of Darkness 80’s documentary on the show with us, Jessica Dwyer. Also head of the project Robin Block and Heather Wixson from Daily Dead.

Film Biographies Documentaries

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Tonight on the show we are playing back to back film Biographies  documentaries. First we have Derek Dennis Herbert director of To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story,  then we have Steve Mitchell director of King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen. Music tonight will be from Friday the 13th Part 7 and Various Larry Cohen Films.


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Tonight on the show we have the double whammy of documentaries on the show.

John Campopiano returns to talk about his new documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT 


Then we get some expert advise on how to put a documentary together. Rob McCallum co-producer behind the He-Man documentary and Video Game Art doc both coming in 2018/19.


Filmmakers, Writers, and Salem

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On the show tonight Alexia Anastasio talking about woman in film making and her Ginger Documentary then Jess-O-Lantern and I talk about the upcoming TV show American Gods and its creator Neil Gaiman, as well as chatting about SANDMAN, CORALINE, and more. Then I will have a chat with the head of the Salem Con after wards a neat convention happening in SALEM MA next weekend.

Nightmare on Elm st Part 3 The Dream Warriors 30th Anniversary Special.

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Tonight I fly solo with Composer Lito Velasco ( Never Sleep Again, Leviathan The Hellraiser Documentary, Don’t Fall Sleep)  joins me to talk about the 30th Anniversary of the Nightmare on Elm St Part 3 The Dream Warriors, Music will be from that film tonight as well as the song by Dokken.



Sci-fi and Scary Stories

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Tonight on the show we have Nicole Alonso and Oklahoma Ward on the show with us to talk about their sci-fi thriller CRawl or Die. Then we have Cody Meirick from Scary Stories A Documentary on with us to talk about his look at the gothic horror childrens stories from the 80s. Music tonight will be from Wes Cravens a New Nightmare.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: The Documentary