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Nightmare on Elm st Part 3 The Dream Warriors 30th Anniversary Special.

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Tonight I fly solo with Composer Lito Velasco ( Never Sleep Again, Leviathan The Hellraiser Documentary, Don’t Fall Sleep)  joins me to talk about the 30th Anniversary of the Nightmare on Elm St Part 3 The Dream Warriors, Music will be from that film tonight as well as the song by Dokken.



Sci-fi and Scary Stories

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Tonight on the show we have Nicole Alonso and Oklahoma Ward on the show with us to talk about their sci-fi thriller CRawl or Die. Then we have Cody Meirick from Scary Stories A Documentary on with us to talk about his look at the gothic horror childrens stories from the 80s. Music tonight will be from Wes Cravens a New Nightmare.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: The Documentary


Aesthel and Creepshow

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On the show tonight we have model and artist Aesthel, then my buddy Billy Coyne will join me for a chat with the director of Just Desserts The Making of Creepshow documentary, Music tonight will be from Rob Zombies new album in honor of 31 coming out this Thursday.
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Fright Night Documentary Update

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One day after my interview with Producer Gary Smart airs they release this announcement that the doc has been delayed till Halloween. From their kick starter

“Our intended release date for ‘You’re so cool, Brewster!’ was late August 2016, however, due to some transfer issues including technical (which have now been fully resolved thanks to our post-production team) as well as only just received some “rare materials” which we’ve had to incorporate into the doc, the release has now been pushed back to a Halloween release.”

Its sad as I was looking forward to this back in the Spring and then this August but now we have to wait till Halloween. They did release the list of Bonus materiel that will be on the dvd

DVD 1 – You’re so Cool Brewster! Documentary Part 1 DVD 2 – You’re so Cool Brewster! Documentary Part 2 Blu-ray – You’re so Cool Brewster! Full Documentary (4 hours approx) DVD 3 – Special Documentary enhancements

  • Writing Horror: Tom Holland Feature (9 mins)
  • From Apes to Bats: Roddy McDowall Feature (20 mins)
  • A Beautiful Darkness: Julie Carmen discusses Regine’s costumes feature (5 mins)
  • Full-extended Peter Vincent Host segments featuring Simon Bamford (30 mins)
  • Peter Vincent Host Behind the Scenes featuring Simon Bamford (6 mins)
  • What is Fright Night? Feature (10 mins)
  • Peter Vincent Trailers: ‘I Rip your Jugular’, ‘Werewolves of Moldavia’, ‘Resurrection of Dracula’, and ‘Psychedelic Death’ featuring Simon Bamford as Peter Vincent and Nicholas Vince as Christopher Cushing
  • Peter Vincent Trailer outtakes (11 mins)
  • Weekend of Horrors Germany Q&A with Amanda Bearse and Stephen Geoffreys (25 mins)
  • Tom Holland and Amanda Bearse talk Fright Night (30 mins)
  • Round table discussion with Tom Holland, William Ragsdale and Stephen Geoffreys (17 mins)
  • An interview with David Madison Director of Mr. Hush (5 mins)
  • Exclusive Photo Gallery featuring Behind the Scenes photos from Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2

Cult Screenings

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One of the crew members  behind the Fright Night and RoboCop and Leviathon documentary on the show tonight
Then some music from Fright Night and RoboCop

Check out my review of their action figure which we talk about in the interview and came in the mail yesterday

Unearthed & Untold The path to Pet Sematary pre order

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One of the best documentary to come out in years is finally avail able for pre-order check out the information below also for more information make surer you check out my interview with the people behind it.



Creep Show Documentary

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For years we have gotten a bare bones release of what is arguably  one of the best horror movies ever Creepshow.
In 2007, Universal released a 2-disc DVD set in the UK in Region 2 PAL format with a wonderful documentary produced by Michael Felsher of Red Shirt Pictures entitled Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow.  Now this has been found on youtube for years. I will admit to having watches it even though I cant stand piracy. I thought this was the only way possible to view it.  Just Desserts has never been released on any home video format here in the States, however it has been picked up by Synapse Films for release on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.  This documentary will include many newly-produced extras just for this release:

– a commentary by Michael Felsher

– a commentary with actor John Amplas, Darryl Ferrucci (Tom Savini’s assistant on the movie),


and art director Bruce Alan Miller.

– interview with director of photography Michael Gornick

– extended interview outtakes from the documentary

– deleted sequences

– the 1986 Paramount Home Video documentary Scream Greats Volume 1 which focused on Tom Savini. Paramount Home Video had released two volumes of this Scream Greats series 30 years ago, made specifically for the home video market.  They were released on videocassette (VHS and Beta) and on laserdisc and were presented by Starlog Video as part of the short-lived Fangoria Video Magazine Series.  Volume 2 focused on Satanism and Witchcraft, but no further documentaries were ever released, which is a shame because the cover artwork was beautiful.