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Hemlock Grove Creator

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On the show tonight is the creator of Hemlock Grove creator Brian McGreevy, he discusses with us his inspiration to write the novel which the show is based on and working as a writer on the show it self. Hemlock Grove just finished season 2. We also have on the show tonight Thomas L Phillips who directed Sanctuary: Quite the Conundrum, a new twisted horror thriller from Anchor Bay.

We also discuss the awefull as above is below and the new returning fall Horror shows like Supernatural The Walking Dead Sleepy Hollow and More.




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I am working on a Gender Swap Dracula movie. This means Dracula, Renfield VanHellsing, Harker, Morris Nd Holmwood will be Woman. Lucy, Mina, and Dracula’s wives will be men. The short film titled Dracula’s Guest will be used to launch our crowd funding campaign. Skip SHEA Director of Microcinema and Ave Maria will be directing it if we get funding.
The woman playing Dracula is Rachel Wise.  I need your help to do this if you like this blog and follow it once we launch our indie gogo tell every one REPOST about it. Donate to it.
We launch in one month.

Mini Horror Reviews

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What starts out as a modern day Pursuit of Happiness (drama staring Will Smith and his son in what would be his last GOOD ROLE)
Turns in to a bat shit crazy experience of some really slow paced. They do a good job of making this amazing actress from Madrid look homely and not pretty but the cut always to showering and bubble baths reveal a true Horror babe. Sit till the end the pay off is worth it even of the scares are few and in between. I will say if you have not seen this kind of movie or this is your frist exposure to the thriller genre you might be surprised. I will say the movie was depressing all the way thru cuz I too have a son who was once very sick and there was nothing i could for him but he did recover.

Look for my interview with the star of the movie Marta this weekend on the show. We will ask her about hr thoughts about the movie.

Sin City the Dame to Kill For
Ugh I sat thru this and hated it. It was not that great compared to the last one. I was rooting for the wave of comic book movies this summer to do so well It started great with the 300 Rise of the Empire back in March another sequel to a Dark Horse Comic by Frank Miller btw. Then we had all the Marvel movies and no DC films then a terrible TMNT movie and now this. Visually its great to look at. The only good parts of this movie were on Ave Green that’s it. I really wanted to like Josh Brolin’s take on Dwights and see if he would do better than Clive Owen but sadly he did not. Dennis Haysbert from 24 tried to do his best version of Michael Clark Duncan but sadly no. Again the movie is really nice to look at but over all it was a bad movie with little to offer. Most likely why it came in at 6 mill at the box office and no one saw it.



Bad movies Good Art

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On the show tonight from one of the worst and most disgusting Horror movies to come out, Septic Man’s Robert Maillet, then from a recorded interview done at the Boston Comic Con, 30 Days of Night and Squiddler Artist Ben Templesmith. Pam and I also talk about Under the DUMB(dome) and The Strain and the end of True Blood. I also finally got the HALLOWEEN soundtrack in on VINAL YAHHHHH we might play a track or two.


Legends of Horror – Elvira

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Cool article Love Elvira I met Cassandra in Nov of last year

The Super Network

It’s been a few weeks(thank you knee surgery), but I’m back with this week’s Legends of Horror!  This week, I am going to discuss somebody that hasn’t appeared in many horror films but has been an incredible force in the genre for over thirty years.  I’m talking about the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira!


Elvira is the creation of the lovely Cassandra Peterson.  A self professed lover of B-movies, she is perhaps the most recognizable Horror Host in the history of television.  Regardless of how good or how bad the movie she was presenting, she made her show must watch television with her combination of humor, stage presence and raw sexuality.

She’s known for one thing above all else.  Well, two things.  Unlike many other women though, her highlighting of her chest has never felt truly sleazy(although she might be argue differently!).  Instead, she not only used them for…

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The Blair Witch Project (1999) 15th Anniversary

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I had to repost this it’s the 15th anniversary of one of the dumbest movies of all time so DUMB they made an awefull sequel and I saw it twice.

Filmed Fiction

blair witch trees

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The Evil Within Gameplay

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From the creator of Resident Evil comes a game in time for HALLOWEEN. What better time of the year to release this an Alien Isolation

As the release date for survival horror legend Shinji Mikami’s next game, The Evil Within, draws nearer, fans have been anxiously inquiring as to its length. Well, we have the skinny for you right here as always!

In response to this question, European PR Manager at Bethesda Softworks Alistair Hatch tweeted that the game is 15-20 hours. But he also noted that the estimate depends “…on play style and difficulty mode.”