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The Occult and Spooky Clothes

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Tonight on the show we have Katie Montana Jordan, Freelance Writer, Occult Specialist, Paranormal Researcher, with us also Kirby from Scream For Me Inc. Also thru out the night tonight the music from STRANGER THINGS, or at least as much as I can play vol 1 is a long album.




Vid Me

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A new home for Radio of Horror only time will tell

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Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Dracula

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Dracula staring Frank Langella as the count himself came out in 1980 with a great score by John Williams. The music was composed and conducted by Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

If your not familiar  with John Williams work, then I am ashamed at you, he is one of the most reconnizable conducted in the history of cinema, for films The Star Wars Saga episodes 1-7, Superman, Jaws,  Indiana Jones 1-4 and so many more.

It’s a dark Gothic macabre score for Williams, and his first Vampire score. It has a really nice feel and you can tell this is Williams work in the very beginning  of the movie as the helicopter flies over head as a tracking shot is used across the ocean to Dracula’s  Castle.

The vinyl it self is not much to look at in the way of anything artistic  or fancy compared to my previous vinyl reviews. With Langella on the front and the tracks on the back.

It’s a very romantic  piece of music something  I would put on for that date who enjoys the romance of the vampire.


Dr.Chris Record Spotlight Fall Edition part 1: Pet Semetary

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Since this is he month of October  I thought I would do TWO vinyl reviews. One now for my new record and another at the end of the month in time for Hallowen. Based on the book by Steven King we have Pet Semetary  directed by Mary Lambert
Today we look at the soundtrack recently  released from Mondo Records Pet Semetary composed by Elliot Goldenthal

Elliot Goldenthal’s Pet Sematary record was his first mainstream movie score. He would go on to do many other great film scores such as In Dreams, Sphere, Interview with the Vampire and he won the Oscar for Frida.
Many critics and horror lovers have compared it to Jack Nitzsche’s soundtrack for The Exorcist.
The theme is inspired by Lalo Schifrin’s score to The Amityville Horror.


The score is very eerie in its movement thru out the movie, you get no sence of happiness with this music but non stop doom and foreboding evil coming down. The film has such a dark melody you can’t escape. From the family moving in to Gage death snd resurrection  there are tracks on all four redords. The last two on side D of record 2 contains two songs by the punk band he Ramones, Pet Semetary  being their more well known. Lyrics like “I don’t want to be buried in the pet Semetary I don’t want to live my life again…..ohhh nooo.” Can only come from the mind of Joey Ramone. It folds out in the picture  below in this image of the father carrying from he burning house a corpse, who that is I won’t spoil for you, go read the book then watch the movie.
The album comes in this slime green plastic and look fantastic  as it spins on your player. Pick it up now from Mondo Records before it sells out.



Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Dokken’s Dream Warriors

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In honor of Wes Craven who passed away this past Sunday. I thought I would review the new limited edition lp I got in the mail. Released by One Way Static Records.
One on side you get Dream Warriors the other you get Into the Fire.
This was made for the movie The Nightmare on Elm ST PART 3 the Dream Warriors in 1987.

It’s good 80s hair metal at its finest. A great music video a companies the blu ray release if Nightmare 3. Dokken was the true example of 80s metal music.



There is not a lot else to cover it’s a small record and you can see the front and back below. If you get a chance check out the record you might need to check ebay. The site light in the attic records distribute the records in North America for the uk based company.
A good track befitting the man who wrote he movie.
Wes Craven was the Dream Warrior

Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: Ghostbusters

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Tonight because the director of that shitty all female reboot film put pictures out, we thought we talk about a much better film score. The original GHOSTBUSTERS .
In the picture below you can see the soundtrack along with the Glow in the Dark Record Store day single, that came out last year. This has four versions of the song on the record by Ray Parker Jr. The instrumental version, extended cut and th dub version. Now these have only been heard in the movie thru the scenes depicting the different cases the boys go on during their montage sequence. It’s been reissued once before at Hot Topics and you may be able to find it on EBay.

Then the main soundtrack has all the songs your familiar with the movie like Cleanin Up The Town by the Bus Boys and the main title theme by Elmer Bernstein and the Golden Torch Music Corp. It’s this beautiful eeire music that fits this spooky comedy.
Recently released on records is the soundtrack to GB2.
I recommend picking these both up make sure you leave the Glow in the dark record in the light for 10 mins to get the Glow effect to work the way you want it.



Dr.Chris Record Spotlight: JAWS

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Today’s record spotlight is on a  movie celebrating its 40th JAWS.

This record is an old one. and one of my proudest. With out the music from Jaws as composed by John Williams the movie would be bland and boring. John Williams did an amazing job of giving us one of his best scores. A Soundtrack which he also one an Oscar for. This would start his amazing relationship with Steven Spielberg also scoring The Indiana Jones films, Jurassic Park and most recently Lincoln.

The music was one in The Burbank Studios with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Spielberg said the score invokes fear and a phobia that only John can do.

The main “shark” theme, a simple alternating pattern of two notes—variously identified as “E and F”or “F and F sharp” became a classic piece of suspense music, synonymous with approaching danger  Williams described the theme as “grinding away at you, just as a shark would do, instinctual, relentless, unstoppable.”The piece was performed by tuba player Tommy Johnson . When asked by Johnson why the melody was written in such a high register and not played by the more appropriate French horn, Williams responded that he wanted it to sound “a little more threatening”. When Williams first demonstrated his idea to Spielberg, playing just the two notes on a piano, Spielberg was said to have laughed, thinking that it was a joke. As Williams saw similarities between Jaws and pirate movies, at other points in the score he evoked “pirate music”, which he called “primal.

This is one of best American Film scores of all time.


Jaws 2