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End of an Era

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Toys R Us is going out of business.

Big news for Horror sci-fi and fnatasy toy fans video game collectors and more.

After months of speculation and financial trouble in the bankruptcy process, the once-frequented toy store chain is closing up shop.

On NPR just an hour ago , Toys R Us alerted employees Wednesday that the store’s parent company would be closing all of its United States locations or selling them. The news comes just hours after the company announced plans to close all of its United Kingdom stores.


The information came from an anonymous source, NPR said, as the company has yet to file an official liquidation, publicly at least. That source said they’re unaware how long it would be before stores start shutting down.

Toys R Us, founded in 1948 at Children’s Discount Supermarts, was the go-to place for generations of kids looking to pick up the latest toy or video game. At one time, Toys R Us was a cultural phenomenon, and people knew the company’s name from shopping sprees on gameshows to the can’t-miss appearance of Geoffrey the giraffe.

With my local store there has barley been any employees to find help with.

Stores have already started closing as part of an earlier wave of shutdowns, so expect an official filing in the coming days.



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No show tonight but please check out the new Itunes link for the DEAD TV PODCAST and follow the new show there. Radio of Horror will be back next week

The Dead Tv Podcast is now on Itunes check it out



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Japan’s Funai Electric, which claims to be the world’s last VCR manufacturer, says it will cease production of the machines this month.This company is the only one producing the machine today and parts are getting harder to find.


I had my first VCR when I was living in Germantown MD in 1987. My father had bought one from Service Merchandise and spent the night setting it up, reading over the manual trying to program the clock, this was advance stuff back then. Now its plug in and hook up an HDMI cable to a blu-ray player or Playstation 4. My last use of a VCR was in 2012 showing my ex gf Batman Mask of the Phantasm I had that VHS copy since I was 14, I gave it to my son who I showed Godzilla vs Space Godzilla in 2010 on a VHS. I held onto the devise till the summer of 2012, and left it at an old apartment for the next tenet.

I worked for a mom and pop video store in 2004 ( went out of business)  a Block Buster in 2000-2001 ( quit to join the Army)  and 2006-2008 ( fired cuz the people of Clinton MA suck and find it easy to crap all over a part time employee). At least two of these locations I still had access to VHS tapes and that was half the fun of working there FREE MOVIES to rent. I would hot my local store for VHS tapes every Friday night. This article can become why I loved rental stores more than about VCRs in no time. The point being my VCR got a lot of use and it was a $40 machine when I bought one in 1998 for my self.


My Friends Kirk, Xtine, had this to say respectively

Xtine —–“The very first movie I ever watched on a VCR was the original Ghostbusters. Not a scary movie I know, but there was one party that made me jump. It was when I took too long in the kitchen getting a snack and the “Pause” feature on the VCR had timed out. I wasn’t expecting the movie to stop and the TV to blare some random show loudly. Thank you VCR for teaching me two things. First, that watching a movie on my own sofa is the most comfortable thing ever. Second, to be efficient in the kitchen always!”

Kirk—-“it was an interesting device; movies at home, on your own time, was a great novelty, and being able to record (both to time shift commercial stuff, or maybe even rent a camcorder) was empowering. Thanks Mr. Rogers!” Mr. Rogers on Mr Rogers neighbor hood on PBS would show us how a VHS works in one episode

Bill Fulkerson from the Outside the Cinema—-“I still own one. I don’t use it often but I fire it up every now and then to watch The Friday the 13th movies.” Bill show and more information can be found here

I remember the many times using the machine to try and record episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Comedy Central back in 1991- 1994. A couple years later the DVD player would emerge.   Its been the end of an era for a while they are still sold at Best buy, Walmart, and other retail chains, VHS collecting has made these machines very much in demand. Its sad to see it end.