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Classic Cinema

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Tonight in Leominster MA we are showing Back to The Future tonight and it starts at Midnight.

Thanks to Outback SteakHouse for hooking us up with some free coupons too the ticket buyers and food for the crew.



Your Next

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popcults2Your Next

Here is my review of Your next on

Your Next is playing right now at The Leominster Entertainment Cinema

The Evil Within

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Original Survival Horror on its way fromt he creators of Resident Evil. Shinji Mikami’s has a great new title up his sleave in 2014 on all consoles. You play as Detective Sebastion Shaw and you enter a mental hospital filled with blood and gore. It has me hooekd already combining detective skills with survival horor and very little action more stealth.


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 A young woman awakens in a hospital covered in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again. Her mind is as fragmented as her body, leaving her delusional and seeing monsters everywhere. Is this the work of a serial killer, or something far worse? From Zenescope Comics comes this kind of sexy Frankenstein Monster story in seeking the truth. As with most books by Zenescope it features sexy woman and horror gore filled situations you got to love. Writers Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas and artist David Miller weaves a great tale. Davids art works fits perfectly with this sexy monster story which I loved reading from issues to issue. This weekend we will have a much longer review of this great comic.


Movie Reviews for City of Bones, You’re Next, The World’s End, and The Cloth

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My Co Host an I sat thru a lot of films this weekend some good some bad here is a quick review we talked longer on the radio about theses but here is our general thoughts.


Spoiler minimal reviews of the week’s hottest Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy and Horror titles + one direct to DVD waste of time.

The World’s End– Was more serious and heartfelt than I thought it would be. Gary King (Simon Pegg) borders on unrelatable (while reminding me of Charlize’s character in Young Adult) as a forty something 12 stepper looking to reclaim his lost dream… of hitting 12 pubs  in one night on a crawl in his hometown of Newton Haven that they call “The Golden Mile” he hooks up with his estranged friends… and while they may not have picture perfect lives, most are beyond clinging to their frat boy dream. Through a series of deceptions, Gary convinces his friends to join him and reclaim the glory they/he has lost…. and then some don’t-call-them-robots filled with blue blood show up and start replacing the whole town of Newton Haven. There…

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MAD reviews, Jesus Christ, and Fantasm

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Tonight on the show we have a lot to do we review, Your Next, The Worlds End and City of Bones. We have on the show the crew behind the comic Escape from Jesus Island and the director of the Fantasm documentary. We also play the music from the band Hellitosis, who’s music video I was in a few weeks ago directed by Ryan Convery and Fat Foot Films productions.

All these movies are playing at the Leominster Entertainment Cinema
Your Next


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HP Lovecraft celebration

HP Lovecraft celebration

Today is the start of the 3 day Lovecraft festival in Providance RI. Stuart Gordon will be on hand tonight to introduce his classic movie Dagon at 8pm. Lots of great vendors will be there  with great Lovecraft swag. Take the Lovecraft tour. Tomorrow night the city has its annual water fire with a Lovecraft theme to them.  Check out the website for full details on everything going on and when its happens.