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Suzanne DeLaurentiis

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Tonight on the show we return to the Radio of Horror Studios at WCUW with a new guest Suzanne De Laurentiis host of AppleTV and Amazon Prime’s SUZANNE’S SATURDAY NIGHT SCARE, then the music will be from the scifi jazz variety in the form of one of my favorite Anime cartoons ever COWBOY BEBOP . This will be played on a brand new vinyl album I just picked up

History of RoH Part 2:Year One

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July 2007 David Klebart my 75 year old grandfather dies

August 2007 I lose my job

September 2007 We have to move, in three months there is some harsh realities of life. After the move from Sterling MA to Leominster I visit the Worcester Art Festival held every year called StART on the Street. There was a set up not far from my local comic book Store That’s Entertainment in Worcester MA for a local radio station. I check with the woman running the booth an ask if they are looking for help. She tells me they are only volunteers and always looking for new help. I ask about an Idea I have for a radio show. and pitch her the show, she give me the information of the station Manager Joe.

While I’m waiting to meet with Joe, I reached out to the local Horror Convention Rock and Shock and connect with Gina Migliozzi  who lets me volunteer at the convention working under her sister Lisa. There my friend ship with Kevin Barbare. I meet with Joe Coulton the station manager for WCUW and pitch him my idea and he presents it to the board. With in a week a hear back from him and have a show. I pick ROck and Shock weekend Oct 15th 2007 to launch the show. While On Unemployment I tried to get a job at a Halloween Store owned by Spencer gifts thinking I could do both but trying to work for a Halloween retail store is one of the worst job I ever could have had. I join the crazy world of social media converting my person My Space account into one for the Radio Show to help me find guests for the show.

ROck and Shock weekend approaches and I train with Capt PJ on Thursday on how to run the board play music and more. He been with the station since the 70s, unfortunately after some health concerns he is no longer with WCUW.  I spend alot of the time Rock and Shock weekend working with celebs making sure their needs are met and their money is taken care of. Working under Lisa I could tell she had a serious disdane for me. Working with Kevin I really enjoyed our time together. At Rock and Shock I would meet many people who would still be friends with today and become guests on my show, Jack Ketchum being the most frequent guest Id have on the show till his passing in 2018. Id also Meet young artist Derek Rook but our friendship would not click for a few more years.

Oct 15th,2007 Radio of Horror Launches at WCUW. I have no co-host I tried but could never get one to commit in the beginning. One woman who was said she had a panic Attack and couldn’t do it at the very last minute. I play the typical bunch of Horror movie soundtracks and scores like The Lost Boys and a bunch of hits off Elvira’s mix of music. Jim Who ran Back From the Dead a free form older music category of songs would help train me. The show was on from 12 -2 am Monday morning until 2018 when it went to 10-12.

First Guest I had on was from a small Indie Comic Book From Jester Press Comics, John J. York was the first actor I had on. That was a huge one for me as I was a big fan of Werewolf the series and he more than jumped at the chance to come on to talk about it. He been on General Hospital for a long time. I had on a beautiful model named Vanessa. She came with 2 chaperone friends of hers, one of them Heather and I would connect on Facebook dating in 2020.   Nick Chen became my first co-host and would last from November 2007- January 2008. His biggest accomplishment was getting me involved with Rising Phoenix Games my first sponsor for the show and it was run by my long time friend Lia Klunk  from the Poetry Group I was part of from 1999-2015. Lia would stay my sponsor from 2007-2010.

After my first broadcast my ex wife and I went to Spooky World with my friend Pauly and his gf when I won tickets. Spooky World was a Horror Theme Park that was very well known and very well respected till it was bought by Bob Craft of the New England Patriots and it went down hill from there. At Spooky World held at Gillete Stadium that year I met Penny Dreadful Danielle Gelehrter and her Husband the Werewolf Garu  Magoo and it was a friendship I embraced and had Penny on my show in 2008 and I came on her Cable show Shilling Shockers that same year. I ran the gauntlet of trying to get co-hosts for the show, my friend Cowboy Matt who played at my wedding tried but was unable to commit to so late a program. My friend Kate Tak Mogel tried but I drove her nuts. Doing a show that late at night was not easy. I ate a lot of bad food and ran into a lot of sleepless nights cuz of how late I had to stay at the station past 2 am sometimes.

I got a job finally in March 2008 just as my Unemployment was running out. At the same time, Bed Rock Comics was hosting its first BOSTON COMIC CON in the basement of a big convention hall in Boston. This is where I would Jerome Conner and his wife Kara and they introduced me to Arisia the Sci-Fi convention which I had never heard of but changed my life in good and bad ways more on that in year 2. I saw every movie and read as many comics as I could try to find to cover for the show, Some weeks I ran out of music as we didn’t have station computers in 2008 only cd tape and record and 8 track players. WCUW was a mess and some changes were on the way.

March 2008-May 2008 I started my first adventure working in film, I was a grip, behind the scenes camera man and videoographer. This was quite the adventure and still something I dabble in today. The First movie I worked on was Don’t Eat Me a Zombie movie filming in RI.

June 2008 Joe is outed by the board and we get a new and still current Station Manager Troy Tyree. Troy is met with a lot of mixed feelings and bad feelings as Joe had been with the station for 2 decades but the station needed something new. I didn’t know who the guy was so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sept 2008 New Job again and I meet with Gina from Rock and Shock for an interview about the convention and get tickets to see one of my favorite bands whos music I only play once a year Halloween the European Metal Band Helloween. The concert is to be held at the Palladium in Worcester MA. The same building Gina is a manager of and one half of Rock and Shock.

Oct 2008 I volunteer at the Rock and Shock again that year this time sitting with John Kassir the Crypt Keeper most of the weekend but its where I would meet Meg her daughter Fiona and Sean Duffy of Fiona Fright shop ( named after their daughter ) and their friend Tina Bee. Friendships I would enjoy to this day. Its also this year Id meet Steve Barton of Dread Central and Sculptor Neal DeConte and I would be come friends. I hit the one year mark of Radio of Horror.


History of Radio of Horror Part 1:Origins

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Over the next several weeks leading to the 13th Year Anniversary of the show I will be going over the History of Radio of Horror. The Evolution of the show and the guests we had on. How it started as a series of short audio reviews before it became Dr.Chris Radio of Horror on WCUW in Worcester in Oct 2007. Below you will also learn of the original Radio of Horror audio Show, which to say I am proud of but it sounded worse than the first year of Radio of Horror on wcuw.

May of 2006- Aug of 2007 I made audio tracks under Radio of Horror for a small comic news site.  This is what some would call the KTMA year of Radio of Horror.  A now defunct website called Independent Comics If there is a site up currently with this name its not the same I worked for and wish them well. I reviewed anything Horror or Sci-Fi related from  the comic industry. I was a terrible writer and still am today. Two of my favorite reviews that I can remember were about The Transformers and Vampire movies. I have always been fascinated with Vampire movies, comics books and more. When I was very little sick home from school my mother let me watch My Best Friend is a Vampire. That really helped my love of Horror movies grow. I tried at a young age before understanding ANYTHING about the novel real Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire. My reviews were recorded on a Toshiba laptop I had gotten at Circuit City the year before on a Black Friday event. I had no editing software nor did I have any microphone or head set so the audio reviews, this was a disaster and I sounded ok but not really. This would continue with reviews for over a year. I eventually stopped cuz the pressure of a job and a new baby was too much.

Xavier my son was born Nov 2006. This was a huge thing for me becoming a father. Little did I know of the horror to come. Xavier was born with severe Kidney problems and it nearly killed him. I stopped doing the reviews for a couple months and went back to them erratically. Xavier is fine these days and a healthy gaming enthusiastic 13 year old who loves Dinosaurs and Godzilla movies.

March 2007 I worked at BlockBuster Video twice. ( a place to go and rent movies now adays people stream on Netflix, D+, HULU and more). Once in 2000 for several months and then again from August 2006-July 2008. There was a video store in Worcester Ma called Starship Video which my friend Jesse Smith of Trick or Treat radio podcast worked at before I ever knew him.  I had always hoped BB would be as cool as that, it wasnt. Corporate Video stores are stringent and difficult always under the threat of the Mystery Shop. I got the idea to do a film fest to raise money for the Boston Children’s Hospital. They had saved my sons life and he was still being seen by them to this day to make sure his one kidney remains healthy. I planned on showing two back to back films and went out of my way to find out how to show movies in public, One of the films was The Lost Boys. ( I would later do an entire podcast with Scott Danielson breaking the film down minute by minute.) I called a company called Swag and paid 100 in public licencing fees to show them in public more if I wanted a copy of the film sent to me but they were not in high demand so that was the cheap fee to avoid getting in trouble.

July 2007 The film festival was set to premier at the VFW Hall in Leominster Ma. I had gotten a lot of food from local places I had formed relationships with like a privately owned Quiznos. I even had Mike Shu of WAAF a local Rock Radio station announce it on the air and come to the event. He was the ONLY person who came to the event. My mother, wife, my kid, grandmother and mother in law were the only ones in attendance. It was a disaster we never raised any money. Mike called Kevin Barbare a friend of mine and  and asked if he was coming and he mentioned this was the night the 7th and final Harry Potter Novel was being sold and books stores everywhere were having midnight release events. Mike told me he was impressed at putting it together and getting so many vendors involved. We had ALOT of food that night. No one came but it gave me an idea.

Meeting Mike that night and later at Rock and Shock Kevin Barbare who co run Rock and Shock with Gina Migliozzi gave me an idea that when I went to a local art festival in Sept it really drove me to pursue my own radio show. Rock and Shock would be the blasting off point for the show.  It was at the time besides Spooky World the only Horror Convention or event in New England. They had guests and panels and combined Rock and Horror together, Convention by day concert at night. It ran from 2003-2019 and closed or it didn’t its very confusing, but Kevin assures it will be back in 2021, they were planning to reopen this year but the Pandemic has halted that from happening.

In the next chapter we will discuss the beginning of the shows evolution the first few co-hosts and some of the trials and tribulations of working at WCUW.

Art of Horror

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Tonight on the show is Alex Hoey who I have known off and on for several years at Boston Comic Con and Rock and Shock and Scare A con as this excellent cartoony artist and he will be on the show to talk about his art. We also have the music from SUPER CASTLEVANIA 4. Not sure if I have played this one yet don’t care new month awesome music. Listen to us live on

Goth Girl Horror The Hack/Slash Podcast

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If you were not aware we started a new podcast on the Radio of Horror Network. Goth Girl Horror dedicated to the comic books Hack/Slash. I run the show with my co-host Sarina and we love this comic. Cassie and Her Monster Friend Vlad travel all over hunting Slashers. We just put up a new episode with Hack/Slash #1 of the first ongoing series by DDP.

Hack/Slash Vol 1 #1

11th Anniversary

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Its the the 11th Anniversary of the Dr.Chris Radio of Horror show. We launched in Oct on the 15th 2007 at the Rock and Shock Convention here in Worcester. I just left the con as I’m typing this and I’m tired but we have a great show tonight.



Don’t forget we are on at 10pm est now at

Tonight we have Horror Critic and producers of the In Search of Darkness 80’s documentary on the show with us, Jessica Dwyer. Also head of the project Robin Block and Heather Wixson from Daily Dead.

Horror Movie Night

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Tonight on the show the Host and creator of Horror Movie Night Podcast Mat Kelly we will be discussing the history of hispodcast and more. Music tonight is from Waxworks Records on vinyl the soundtrack to FRIDAY THE 13th THE FINAL CHAPTER. Or in the words of Uncle Creepy Final Chapter my fat fucking ass.


New Interviews

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No show tonight But I wanted to share with you some new interview I did the last few months so you do have some great Radio of Horror material to keep you company this First Sept Sunday.

Maven of the Evantide


Laura Haslam owner of 8th Sin Studios

Objectivist Guitarist



Drive In Movie Reviews

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Tonight on Radio of Horror we have Drive In Film Critic Joe Bob Briggs talking about his upcoming 24 hour Shudder Thon. And we have Director Adam Rifkin on the show with us talking about Detroit Rock City and many other great films. Music tonight will be in honor of Detroit Rock City with the soundtrack from that film


Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all tuning in to tonight’s show. We will be playing the music from the Bob Rivers Christmas and  Nightmare Before Christmas before and after our guest, Rhode Island’s own Chuckles the Clown is back on the show with us. I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys their Holiday tomorrow.


Supernatural Podcast New Host

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Mel Heflin made her debut this week as the new cohost of Supernatural Creatures and Lore. The first creature we cover in this episode is DEMONS

All podcast episodes can be found here.

Scream Queens and Hostess

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Tonight on the show we have Jenn Nagle on with us talking about her you tube series Malvolia The Queen of Screams also her winning a recent Scream Queen of the year award.
We will also be experimenting with a new Co-Host tonight stay tuned and find out.
Music tonight will be from The Deadites as we have Michael RAven Shadow joining me and Mistress Zeneca for the Dead Tv Podcast tonight to talk about Swamp Thing the Animated Series.

You Tubers and Horror Hosts

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Tonight on the show we have the amazing and talented Amber Sym on with us. She is former play boy model and an actress who has appeared in many different medias but most notably a Horror you tube series America in Shadows.

Then from You Tube Film Reviewer Oliver Harper is on with us all the way from the UK

Ladies of Horror Tonight

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Tonight on the show we have the lovely and talented Brooke Lewis aka Miss Vampy returning to the show for the first time in 7 years. Then I have Erotic Horror Film maker Cassandra Sechler on the show with me. Both are AMAZING filmmakers in their own right and these be great shows to check out.  To keep it in the theme of the ladies of Horror music tonight will be of Horror Rock Woman and Mistress Zeneca and I record a new episode of the Dead Tv Podcast for this Wed.

Supernatural Creatures & Lore Episode 5

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New episode of Creatures and Lore Podcast is up now covering Bloody Mary from Season 1 of Supernatural. Look for our Bloody Mary video on Kats channel soon.

Directors and Podcasts

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Tonight on the show from Fiend Fatale 2:22 Last Shift and many more we have
Writer Director Producer Steven Shea on the show with us, we are also joined by Cory Strode of Kray Z Comics Podcast talking with me and Jess about Horror comics.


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Hey gang thanks for following us thru the years. We are looking for donations and support to keep Radio of Horror afloat now.If would be willing to make a dollar donation or more that be fantastic. We are running this for three show The Dr.Chris Radio of Horror program, The Dead Tv Podcast and Supernatural Creatures and Lore.

There are a BUNCH of cool prizes to give away if you make a donation of 5.00 or more 

The Dead TV Podcast Episode one

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The iTunes is now live for The first episode of Dead TV Podcast


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Hey guys PLEASE come follow me over to the new site its still under construction and I’m trying to carry over all the content I can. The followers and some posts did not carry over for some reason and I don’t know why. Please check it out.

Help Wanted New Co-Host

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Hi every one hope people are reading this

We need a new co-host, we meaning ME…Chris the Host of Radio of Horror since October 2007. I need a new cohost badly its getting to the point I CANT do the show alone any more.

I had a co-host for two years and we got along most of the time. I really need someone who can help with social media and videos and getting new guests, writing new content and blog posts. I would like to expand the you tube channel in a lot of ways and I can’t do it alone. If you or someone you know can help that be great. I am going to continue searching in the New England area for a cohost. Now a Female cohost would be great cuz I would love to get the woman’s perspective on the horror industry and she can bring a unique voice to the show.

If you know of someone please pass this message along to them …thanks.