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Hey gang thanks for following us thru the years. We are looking for donations and support to keep Radio of Horror afloat now.If would be willing to make a dollar donation or more that be fantastic. We are running this for three show The Dr.Chris Radio of Horror program, The Dead Tv Podcast and Supernatural Creatures and Lore.

There are a BUNCH of cool prizes to give away if you make a donation of 5.00 or more 


The Clownpocalypse

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the “killer clown” epidemic. Although they’re mostly just in America, I’ve read that they’re in Nova Scotia, Ontario, and some parts of Australia too! So I’ve decided to briefly tell you about the clown sightings you probably aren’t seeing on the news, if you’re living in America!

So far in Australia nothing has happened other than a couple sightings outside of night clubs. I don’t believe any threats have been made either. However the clowns have only been in town for about a day, so we’ll see.

In Nova Scotia the clown stood in the middle of the road which forced the driver to stop her car. After she stopped her car the clown came running towards her and chased her down the street.

In Ontario(in the city I live in too, actually) threats have been made to schools, but nothing has actually happened. However, in Ontario they believe that the threats were actually made by students to get out of class today. Why? It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. The police suspect the kids wanted to turn their three day weekend into a four day weekend.

So why are people suddenly taking an interest in dressing up as clowns and scaring the shit out of people? Who decided to start this new trend? Is this just a way to get people in the Halloween spirit? Or will the “clownpocalypse” continue on past Halloween?

Dr. Chris and I will be getting into more detail about the “killer clowns” on our next show this Sunday at 12am! Be sure to tune in to hear more!

Why You Probably Wouldn’t Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Now, if you’re like me you’ve probably thought about what you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse at least once or twice. You’ve probably thought of what weapons you would use, where you would hide out, and just about everything else. I’m sure you probably came up with a solid plan, but I’m going to tell you why you probably won’t survive.

The first thing people generally don’t factor in when making their “survival plan” is the fact that they would be scared shitless in the event of an outbreak like that! I mean, do you not remember how people reacted to swine flu??? If that’s how they react to a flu, imagine the reaction to people dying, coming back to life, and eating people! The fear alone would be enough to fuck up your chances.

Another thing you probably didn’t consider is that the zombies might not be Walling Dead zombies. They could be like Resident Evil zombies and be fast as fuck. If thats the case then you’d have to be pretty damn fast to get away from them.

My final point was actually briefly brought up on the Walking Dead in season two. Water. There’s only so much bottled water you’d be able to find and I am almost positive that the zombies would contaminate most of the water. So what would you do?

Thanks for reading this post about why you wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse! If you think I’m wrong be sure to tell me why in the comments!



Help Wanted New Co-Host

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Hi every one hope people are reading this

We need a new co-host, we meaning ME…Chris the Host of Radio of Horror since October 2007. I need a new cohost badly its getting to the point I CANT do the show alone any more.

I had a co-host for two years and we got along most of the time. I really need someone who can help with social media and videos and getting new guests, writing new content and blog posts. I would like to expand the you tube channel in a lot of ways and I can’t do it alone. If you or someone you know can help that be great. I am going to continue searching in the New England area for a cohost. Now a Female cohost would be great cuz I would love to get the woman’s perspective on the horror industry and she can bring a unique voice to the show.

If you know of someone please pass this message along to them …thanks.

Friday the 13th The Game update

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Hey Guys in case you didn’t know there is a Friday the 13th game coming out soon. It should be out this fall that’s what the last kickstarter update said. They want to have it ready to ship by October, but at the same time we don’t want them to rush and us complain about all the mistakes the game has.  I can’t wait to get it and review that game. If you want to know more about it check out my interview with the game developers here, If you want to check out more of my interviews click the link below to be taken to my you tube channel.

Video Games of Horror

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Tonight on the show we have Randy one of the developers behind The Friday the 13th Video Game on the show with us. I met him at Pax East 2016 and been a backer of the game on kickstarter since last year. We also have the developers of Zombie Vikings and My Night Job. it’s a huge night of Video Game interviews. We may have a chance to squeeze in a song or two as well. I just picked up on vinyl Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare and look for my new vinyl review later this week.


Resident EVII : Biohazard

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Bio hazard was the name was the name of the franchise in Japan and now they are using it as the subtitle for the new game very interesting. Resident Evil 7 is a first person perspective that looks like its going back to its horror roots at long last after the last two game were so heavy on action. The connection to the rest of the franchise is yet to be seen. Who the person  SHE is refereed too is unknown. The creepy song played in the trailer is

You can hear the lyrically-tweaked version of the folk song Go Tell Aunt Rhody in the Resident Evil 7 debut trailer above. While the song plays, men explore a dilapidated plantation, haunting images flash onscreen and a wolf’s head decays in seconds. the song was originally recorded by Burl Ives.