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Happy New Years

Posted in news on December 31, 2012 by chrisdsav

newyearsevilposterHappy New years from Radio of Horror



Andy Land TV

Posted in tv, websites on December 31, 2012 by chrisdsav

Andy and Drew in the studio tonight to promote Andy TV. They are a Sci-FI Horror show and they are filmmakers here in New England. check them out

Film Dungeon Commentary

Posted in Comedy, websites on December 28, 2012 by chrisdsav

Tomorow FDC takes another stab at Nosferatu. With Tom Green from The Midnight Podcast. Up next Nightmare on Elm St Part 4 the Dream Master with Diandra Lazor.

Director Mark Lund and Die Hard the greatest Christmas movie EVER

Posted in movies, SciFi on December 24, 2012 by chrisdsav

Tonight Director Mark Lund comes on the show. I am in his movie Justice is Mind in a key scene. Well not really but I am in it. We also play the soundtrack to Die Hard, yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie



Sir Christopher Lee Heavy Metal Christmas

Posted in entertainment, Goth, news on December 21, 2012 by chrisdsav

Did you know Chris has a album he sings Christmas msuic with a metal feel too it. He has been Dracula a Bond villian and in both the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars sagas. The man has done it all. Look for it on itunes.


Holliston Christmas Special

Posted in tv, Uncategorized on December 20, 2012 by chrisdsav

Check it out on the Holliston Christmas special aired last night and its free on Hulu, Adam Joe and the girls get trapped in side during a storm on Christmas eve whiel a insane axe wielding murder is on the loose.



Posted in news on December 15, 2012 by chrisdsav

It is true Horror what happened in CT yesterday. it hits close to home being a father of a 6 year old in Kindergarten.