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The Collection

Posted in movies on November 30, 2012 by chrisdsav

New Horror movie, going to see it sometime this weekend cant wait. The original was pretty good actually. It came out in 2008 over the summer. Its weird why thsi comes out between the Holidays.


Mr.Smartass Theater Presents

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Mystics in Bali

Researching a book that takes her to Bali and the black magic cult of Leák, Cathy meets an evil witch which promises to train her in the dark arts

Tonight at Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester MA about 930pm est former guest of the show Derek Ring does his usuall weird stand up comedy show with his pals

Chuckles TheKlown

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On the show tonight famed RI horror host Chuckles TheKlown





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SEGA and Gearbox Software are excited to debut a completely new multiplayer mode in their newest trailer. Showing off the thrilling gameplay of SurvivorMode, players must work together to hold their ground against swarms of xenomorphs and fight until the last player is left. New trailer has just hit. Man this thing cant come out any faster

Zombie Ninjas

Posted in websites, Zombies on November 19, 2012 by chrisdsav

New horror film review

Lancelot the Vampire

Posted in Bondage, Goth, Leominster Movie Theater, vampires, websites on November 18, 2012 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show the photographer from Worcester Ma, Lance. His style is usually of the macabre and goth. “I’m a Romance/Dark/Gothic Style Art Photographer. I normally take very sad, morbid, or solemn pictures, but I can shoot anything from Fashion to Glamor to Night Clubs, and more” His immortal words.

Also we will play the best written Twilight shit on reviews ever.  Now playing at Leominster Entertainment Cinema  and Blackstone Valley Cinema 14.

Super Mega Fest

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Tomorow Faye and I head to Super Mega Fest a awsome convention in Framinham Ma at the Sheraton Hotel.  I go every year and have a pretty decent time.

Former guests on the show Actor  John Wesley Ship and Author CJ Henderson will be there among others. Cover artist Derek Rook for the New England Horror Filmmakers will be there as well.






Posted in vampires on November 15, 2012 by chrisdsav

New film staring Alicia Silverstone from the director of Clueless o yeah not what you think it is.

Days of the Dead Convention

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The PR Guy Adolfo G. Dorta from The Days of the Dead Convention comes on the show tonight. We discuss the Buffy comics and play some awsome rock music and some 007 music WHY????? cuz the new bond film came out and its awsome. Its playign in Millbury and Leominster right now.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Posted in Leominster Movie Theater, Video Games, websites on November 10, 2012 by chrisdsav

Here is my review of Silent Hill Revelation…still playing at Blackstone Valley and Leominster Entertainment Cinema 14


Sinister and Paranormal Acticity 4 reviews

Posted in Leominster Movie Theater, movies, radio of horror, websites on November 8, 2012 by chrisdsav

Reviews of a good film and a bad film


The third best horror movie of the year


Hellblazer Cancelled

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This is the second worse news of the week the other was on Tuesday

Go pick up your Hellblazer books at Thats Entertainment or Bedrock Comics

The Auburn Times

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New Article on the show and my book Give Me Something Good to Eat in The Auburn Times. Its on page 2 and 5.

You can buy the book on Amazon at

BeetleJuice the animated series, coming to DVD soon

Posted in entertainment, Goth, movies, news, tv, websites on November 5, 2012 by chrisdsav

Featuring the voice talent of Stephen Ouimette, Alyson Court, Roger Dunn and Elizabeth Hanna, BEETLEJUICEis the highly popular animated series adaptation of Tim Burton’s hit movie that ran successfully on television from 1989 – 1992. The series follows the imaginative adventures of Beetlejuice and human teenager Lydia Deetz in Neitherland. The television series was A NELVANA Production in Association with THE GEFFEN FILM COMPANY and TIM BURTON INC.

In the mean time head to the Elm Draft houe in Millbury to watch a double feature of this and Ghostbusters.  Tonight at 6pm Sponcered by Thats Entertainment



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Faye starts tonight on Radio of  Horror she will be bring with her her macabre delight of terror and horror. She is goth fetish bondage model, Burlesque. She will have a bio up on the site eventually. Here is a picture of two to gawk at.

Tonight for interviews we will have Leonard Maltin is one of the country’s most respected film critics, also John Everson author of Night Where.


Posted in movies, news on November 1, 2012 by chrisdsav
Director Skip Shea mother passed away on Halloween, he is a friend of the show and a director in the upcoming book The New England Horror Film Makers.
Send your condolances to him thru his site support indie film making