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Vampire Reviews and Gothic Clothes

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Tonight on the show from you tube we have Author film critic The Maven of the Evantide talking about her Vampire Review videos and her upcoming Novel.

Then all the way from the UK we have Owner Designer Laura Haslam of 8th Sin Alternative Gothic Boutique store.




Castlevania Rondo of Blood

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Mondo is releasing a Castlevania Rondo of Blood limited red and blue colored vinyl for the Comic-Con. Also, it will be availabe an awesome poster of Castlevania Symphony of the Night by the talented Becky Cloonan. Don’t miss it! Each poster will be $45.36973596_1727477990707046_2734760493754351616_n

Drive In Movie Reviews

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Tonight on Radio of Horror we have Drive In Film Critic Joe Bob Briggs talking about his upcoming 24 hour Shudder Thon. And we have Director Adam Rifkin on the show with us talking about Detroit Rock City and many other great films. Music tonight will be in honor of Detroit Rock City with the soundtrack from that film


RIP Steve Ditko

Posted in Comic Books, death, horror, news with tags , , on July 6, 2018 by chrisdsav

In some very sad news I have to report Artist Steve Ditko has died. He created Doctor Strange Blue Beetle The Creeper Hawk and Dove and more importantly with Stan Lee THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. I owe SOOOOO MUCH to Steve Ditko. Spider-Man is the first comic book character I ever grasped on to and the first comic book book I really ever started Collecting when I was 10 years old. I cant tell you how much Steve Ditko means to me. Doctor Strange is one of my favorite characters of all time. I am at a loss for words beyond saying what I feel he will be missed. Its very sad to hear he had no wife no kids no living relatives.

Cosplayers and Youtubers

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Tonight on the show we have AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole talking to us about the Good Bad and Ugly of Cosplay. As well as a bit about her music and more. We will be giving away a book of her amazing photos tonight so stay tuned to find out how. Then we have the Host of the Youtube series Good Bad Flicks on with us to talk about well Good and Bad Flicks.

Music tonight will be from POWER GIRL herself Cara and the soundtrack to Jaws


Clive Barker Podcast

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Tonight on the show we have the crew from the (Ryand and Jose) Clive Barker Podcast. We talk about all things involving the amazing writer his books and movies and more. Music tonight will be finishing up our Jurassic Park film series scores with music from Jurassic World and the film released this weekend Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Thanks to everyone who came out to AMC in Framingham and Blackstone Valley Cinema Deluxe 14 in Millbury to get some free swag


The Howling Films

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Tonight on the show is the author behind The Complete History of the HowlingBryn Curt James Hammond 


He will be with us for 45 mins talking about all things Howling and how this massive book came together. THEN we will have the music from Jurassic Park 3 as we continue our countdown to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and we will play music from The Howling as well in honor of our Guest tonight.

If you want some great in depth and pain staking BUT FUN coverage of the Howling films check out Bill Fulkerson Outside the Cinema