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Suzanne DeLaurentiis

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Tonight on the show we return to the Radio of Horror Studios at WCUW with a new guest Suzanne De Laurentiis host of AppleTV and Amazon Prime’s SUZANNE’S SATURDAY NIGHT SCARE, then the music will be from the scifi jazz variety in the form of one of my favorite Anime cartoons ever COWBOY BEBOP . This will be played on a brand new vinyl album I just picked up

Models and Horror

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Tonight We talk with actress Model Morrigan Thompson about her career in modeling and horror, and she will be joining me to discuss Cartoon Horror As well.

Music tonight will be from some Halloween themes as we get ready for the big holiday

Scream Queens and Hostess

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Tonight on the show we have Jenn Nagle on with us talking about her you tube series Malvolia The Queen of Screams also her winning a recent Scream Queen of the year award.
We will also be experimenting with a new Co-Host tonight stay tuned and find out.
Music tonight will be from The Deadites as we have Michael RAven Shadow joining me and Mistress Zeneca for the Dead Tv Podcast tonight to talk about Swamp Thing the Animated Series.

Hack/Slash Vampirella

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More Hack Slash news last week we told you about Cassie Return to comics this week her next big crossover with the biggest baddest Vamp babe of them all Vampirella. Vampy recently did a crossover with Aliens and is currently doing one with Metal God’s KISS.