Tales from the Crypt/ Twilight Zone Santa Claus

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I had my Layaway paid off at Toys R Us by some mystery people known as the Layaway Angels all over Massachusetts this happened. Its a Christmas conspiracy of comfort and joy. So in honor of them I thought I pay tribute to the man who doe bring joy to people but in a twisted fucked up weird horror way.

From two of the episodes, of two of the tv shows you didn’t think this was coming from. Why two? cuz there are two many fucking Santa Claus. Third place runner up is the Santa from Rise of the Guardians voiced by Alec Baldwin. O and Jack Skelington (Chris Sarandon), from The Nightmare Before Christmas but Jack is not really Santa in his movie he kidnaps the Santa and nearly gets him killed. O and one more The late Douglas Seale makes a great Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas. He oozes with charm and kindness.

First since we are a Horror show

Tales from The Crypt Season 1 :  And all Through the House

A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus (Larry Drake from Darkman)  outfit is on the loose.

A twisted screwed up tale with a murdering Santa is nothing new when this episode came out in 1989, as we had Silent Night Deadly Night in 1984.  It was directed by Robert Zemeckis the man behind Back to the Future an FUTURE Christmas classics like The Polar Express and The Christmas Carol staring Jim Carrey. He was also one of the creators of Tales and the episode was written by Fred Decker who directed The Monster Squad. You get a twisted tale of you better watch as this Santa will kick your ass and kill you to DEATH and beyond. I would like to point out the IMDB page is the Who’s who of this episode of character actors and I’m not going to name them all but you should check out what every one has done. The Wife is Marry Ellen Trainor from Goonies and The Monster Squad movies made by Richard Donner and the aforementioned Fred Decker two people behind Tales from the Crypt.


The Twilight Zone: Season 2 Night of the Meek

Here is the opening narrative from Rod Sterling him self on this episode

This is Mr. Henry Corwin, normally unemployed, who once a year takes the lead role in the uniquely popular American institution, that of the department-store Santa Claus in a road-company version of ‘The Night Before Christmas‘. But in just a moment Mr. Henry Corwin, ersatz Santa Claus, will enter a strange kind of North Pole which is one part the wondrous spirit of Christmas and one part the magic that can only be found… in the Twilight Zone

The late Art Carney plays Henry Corvin who is a Santa Lush and finds a sack full of toys that what ever he pulls out of it appears to whom ever as what they wish for Christmas. HE starts delivering toys every where and spreading Christmas Joy. In the end something magical and corny happens, leading to his true destiny. Its a Twilight Zone episode neither scary or creepy but showed Rod Sterling had a  true talent for writing that would warm our hearts and shows the true meaning of Christmas.

Both episodes are on dvd now check them out and have a Merry Christmas


The Fly: Outbreak

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HOLY SHIT just in time for Spring in March when all the bugs return IDW launches a FLY comic book. The original movie was directed by David Cronenberg and is a great example of how a remake should be done.


Be afraid. Be very afraid… The story that began in David Cronenberg’s film update of The Fly continues next year with the five-issue miniseries The Fly: Outbreak, written by Brandon Seifert (Hellraiser, Witch Doctor) with painted interior and cover art by menton3 (Silent Hill, Monocyte).

Issue #1 will hit in March and will boast variant covers by Jason Edmiston and Lukas Ketner.

Years ago, a scientist had a horrific accident when he tried to use his newly invented teleportation device and became a human/fly hybrid. Now his almost-human son continues to search for a cure for the mutated genes. But a breakthrough turns into a breakout, and anyone exposed risks turning into a monster as well…

“To be totally honest, The Fly is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen!” said Seifert. “It was really resonant for its time. And in the last 20 years or so, with all the advances in Genetically Modified Organisms, the film has taken on a lot of meaning it didn’t originally have. It’s really exciting to explore those elements in this miniseries — and great to have an amazing, super-distinctive artist like menton3 on the visuals!”

“Equal parts gory allegory and tragic love story, The Fly was perhaps David Cronenberg’s crowning achievement,” editor Denton J. Tipton said. “That’s a lot to live up to, but I believe Brandon and Menton are equal to the task. The script is sharp and poignant, and the art is visceral and haunting. No one is safe!”

Nothing spreads faster than fear… be part of the Outbreak in March 2015.

Holliston Season 3?

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Have you been wondering about the fate of Adam Green’s horror sitcom Holliston? Check out Adam and Joe’s newest pod cast as the cast reunites to talk about the events of this past year and if we are going to see season three of HOLLISTON.



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Kosovo might be known for war and strife, but Ventress plans to change the just over 5 year old country with an Albanian/English feature film which will have the Republic of Kosovo known more for presenting a popcorn thriller, than Europe’s poorest country with a 45% unemployment rate.

KATUNAR (ka-toon-ar) is the first horror feature to be made in Kosovo.  Canadian director Dion Ventress brings to the screen a small town suspense thriller.

After finding out of the passing of her father, Adelina returns back to Kosovo and finds she’s inherited her father’s home in Kaçanik.  On her return, she not only deals with paranormal activity in the home, doors that don’t open, and a mysterious legend of people living in caves since the war in a cliff on the edge of town.  Once people start disappearing, Adelina has to figure out what is real and what is myth.

From the Director:

“My name is Dion Ventress and have worked in film and television production in Canada for over two decades.  In the television aspect of my career, I have worked from home shopping, to Canadian network news, to sports, and also launching the first streaming superstation at a time when the only things that were being streamed was WORLD OF WARCRAFT and religious sermons. Television forced me to work on tight budgets and timelines, which translated into my own productions (music videos and home video documentaries). Having one of Canada’s most eclectic private film archives (of 16mm, 8mm, and 35mm), this also had taken me to four different countries, and involved with helping bring other features into the Toronto film marketplace including the only 35mm 3-D polarized feature from the 90’s to Canadian audiences.

Having a taste for global music, I started being introduced to Albanian pop, and ended up going to Kosovo in 2008 with profits I had made from a successful film tour of Finland.

Through meeting various people in Kosovo’s media industry, I was impressed with the talent in the country, and technically what could be pulled off.  I was asked by a company years later to work on a script for an action film.  Sadly the company folded, and I returned last year to investigate how possible it was to do a feature film in the country.  Technically, could it be possible?

This could be the next great horror movie who knows stay tuned for more information.

1 Track Comics and William McNamara

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Tonight on the show from the Day of the Mummy and Copycat as well as many other great movies and TV shows we have character actor William McNamara. For a bit more info on who he is check out his IMDB here.


Then we have Alex Harris from 1 Track Comics, he will be live in studio to talk about his comics. We met him at Super MegaFest last month. I will be playing the music from Gremlins tonight and Nightmare before Christmas in honor of the Holiday.



RIP Ralph Baer

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Castlevania, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Atari, Nintendo, Sega,
and so many more owe it to this man Ralph Baer. On Sunday he passed away he was 92 years old. He was the father of the video game console.
Ralph was a Jewish immigrants who’s family escaped Nazi Germany. He became and inventor. Below is a link to his site and a list of his great inventions including the light puzzle game Simon.
The game system he invented was the Odyssey the first game was PONG.
You gave me and many other gamers a great invention Ralph you will be missed.



The Pyramid and Day of the Mummy

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This week we get hit with TWO films from Egypt, (whats funny tho neither film was filmed in Africa, Day of the Mummy was filmed in Mexico)
The Pyramid and Day of the Mummy, both films are a mix of Found footage and Real filming.

In The Pyramid you have a crew led by a father daughter archeology team trying to uncover the secret of a 3 sided Pyramid. The Pyramids of Giza have 4 sides so this is a unique one. The movie switches back and forth between the two film styles one by one the characters get killed off by something and some traps. We learnt he Pyramid is the tomb for the God of Death ANUBIS. This is the first movie outside of the Mummy Returns that uses this thing as the villan. Its a bit CGI but I can overlook that. We also have some Jackle Dog Rat creatures in the movie. I went into this movie really wanting to HATE IT and I mean rolling my eyes and with bad expectation. What I got was a movie which was not great but not bad either. Denis o Hare is the father in the movie hes been on True Blood and American Horror Story so he still remains in the Horror industry. Its written by Grégory Levasseur who was the writer behind P2 and The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension working alongside Alexandre Aja. Their film making style is definetly seen here. Its worth checking out and playing at theaters now.
Day of the Mummy stars Danny GLover on camera thru a pair of Spy Glasses the whole movie. The main character played by William McNamara is trying to find a gem for Glover. They bring a team with them an unlock a Mummy and his followers who sacrifice people to him. The cool thing about the Mummy is ITS REAL. They actually had an actor in a suit and make up. I hate found footage movies and its one Big reason I can’t give this movie more credit than that. The main actor we have coming on soon says because it costs so much to get a movie financed that found footage it shit cheaper and easier to make. I don’t understand this explanation I think its lazy filmmaking. Both movies are out now.


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