Happy Easter

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Yah the day the Zombie Jesus rises from the grave and hes the only kind of Zombie where you can eat him. I digress, tonight we have the producer of Easter Sunday on the show with us maybe. We also talk about the From Dusk till Dawn the Game of Thrones beer and Ghostbusters glow in the Dark Album and new Bates Motel.

I Spit on Your Grave part 3

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Really this is the 5th part to come out since the original in the 70s staring Camilla Keaton. I have seen every one of them and have to say I dont enjoy them. HOWEVER this might be the one I like. Its about a serial killer of rapists. She uses a crisis hotline to find rapists and hunts them and kills them. This I could get behind. I do hope this heroine does not have a rape filled back story at least.
This is due out later this year. Keaton came on the show in 2011.


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Tonight and this weekend we have a lot going on first there is the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival that started on Thursday and goes till Sat.Its at the Pladium in Worcester MA. 

 In Leominster at Midnight we are showing CLUE THE MOVIE. This stars Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. We will also be playing the Clue board game at 11pm before we show the film. 

On Sat we have NATIONAL RECORD STORE DAY. Big reason you need to go to your local record store is there is a limited edition green glow in the dark Ghost buster record to buy. How awesome is that. 

Ghostbusters Record Store Day

Goodbye FEARnet

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It’s the end of the road for thriller, suspense and network. Comcast has bought out its partners in the joint venture — Sony Pictures Entertainment and Lionsgate Entertainment — to take 100% ownership. Following the transaction, which closed this morning, FEARnet will no longer be a stand-alone brand but will be folded into Comcast’s NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment division. “NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment has acquired all remaining interests in FEARnet from its productive venture with Lionsgate and Sony,” the company said in a statement to Deadline through a spokesman. “FEARnet, along with its popular content, will be integrated into NBCU Cable Entertainment. This process will take place over a yet to be determined period.

This is really sad as scyfy is a horrible former shadow of its once great self, Chiller is still strong but its sad to see FEARnet. This all so means we wont get any more Holliston. Unless Adam Green finds a new network for it. 


Naked Bloody Actress Mel Heflin and New England Metal Fest

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Tonight on the show we have actress Mel Heflin who is an up and coming actress who will be in a cool new Vampire movie later this year. She talk about her Career as well as a commentary we both just did for Trick r TreAt.
Then we have on Gina the founder of the New England Metal Fest and co founder of Rock and Shock. The New England Metal Fest is Next Weekend at the Palladium in Worcester MA. Pam and I also discuss The Machine and From Dusk till Dawn the series, Being Human says good bye, Oculus and Till Death do us Part.



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Check out the first part of my Godzilla Retrospective. This is the first Godzilla movie to come out in theaters while Radio of Horror is on the air so expect A LOT OF COVERAGE thru out the year. First up Destroy all Monsters (my son’s favorite Godzilla movie) and Godzilla Final War. 


OCULUS Giveaway Tonight

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Tonight in Leominster Ma, we will give away a bunch of Oculus stuff, Posters and hand sanitizer. I don’t know why they are giving away Hand Sanitizer. When Zombie Land came out in 2009 that movie had a little joke in the film about it. This film is from the same people that Paranormal Activity and Insidious. The movie stars Karen Gillan from Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy and Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica. In another week we will have some great giveaways for The Quite ones



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